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1880 Examination & Graduation Exercises of Eastern State Normal School at Castine, Maine

Examination and Graduation Exercises: Eastern State Normal School at Castine, Maine, Wednesday and Thursday, May 26th and 27th, 1880.  The handwritten name Stone appears at the top of the front page, presumably referring to graduate Dora A. Stone.

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Any names are transcribed below each page; the list of graduates at bottom is in alphabetical order.  If you have information on any of the graduates, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Names on the page above:

Cora F. Ames, Astronomy, Eclipses
Caro Beals, Physiology, Joints
Hattie L. Mosher, Physical Geography
Cora F. Lyford, Geography, Day and Night
Fannie L. Brackett, Chemistry, Oxygen
C. Lillian Eaton, Chemistry, Nitric Acid
Timothy E. Ham, Physical Forces
Katie S. Batty, Rhetoric, Clearness
Ida C. Folson, Writing
Mattie J. Pendleton, C. Number
Nancy A. Robinson, A & B Reading
Carrie I. Sherman, Botany, Flowers
Etta S. Jack, Botany, Flowers
Ada F. Hutchings, Physics, Pumps
Elmer E. Light, Geometry

Names on the page above:

Lillian A. Simmons, Geography
Lyman R. Damon, Physics, Thermometer
Fremont Beverage, Object Lesson, India Rubber
Nellie C. Laughlin, Drawing
Angie N. Carver, D Reading
Ella J. Mower, A & B Geography
Alice P. Gray, Primary Lesson, D Reading
Laura R. Andrews, Primary Lesson, A & B Object Lesson
Rose W. Leland, Primary Lesson, A & B Arithmetic
Dora A. Stone, Teaching Exercises, Physiology, Skin
Helen F. Emerson, Teaching Exercises, Quartz
James E. Kelley, Teaching Exercises, Physical Geography, Gulf Stream

Graduating Class

Cora F. AmesAda F. Hutchings
Laura R. AndrewsEtta S. Jack
Katie S. BattyJames E. Kelley
Caro BealsNellie C. Laughlin
Fremont BeverageRose W. Leland
Fannie L. BrackettElmer E. Light
Angie N. CarverCora F. Lyford
Lyman R. DamonHattie L. Mosher
C. Lillian EatonElla J. Mower
Helen F. EmersonMattie J. Pendleton
Ida C. FolsomNancy A. Robinson
Alice P. GreyCarrie I. Sherman
Timothy E. HamLillian A. Simmons

                                  Dora A. Stone

                   Graduates Winter Term, 1879-80
Anna C. Chandler                                 Carrie Gray

If you have information on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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