Monday, April 12, 2010

Chronology of the Hitchborn Family, 1673-1891

Had a question from a Hichborn descendant, which prompted me to search out this little nugget purchased some time ago on eBay.  It was prepared in 1891 by Naval Constructor Philip Hichborn, U.S.N. and it appears that he typed it, with carbon copies.  Mine looks to have been constructed out of one of the carbon copies, but it's possible it's an original.

It starts with Thomas Hichborn, with no date or place of birth.  His son Thomas, with Ruth, was born in Boston in 1673.  That Thomas, with Frances, had a son
also named Thomas, born in Boston in 1708.  That Thomas, with wife Isannah, then had son Robert, born in Boston in 1740.   This goes on for quite a few more generations.  The author goes into detail about a few people.  He finished the book with a biography of Paul Revere.

If you have any questions on your Hichborn ancestors, please contact me, and I will check to see if they are in this book.

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  1. donnapreble@yahoo.comNovember 8, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    There was a shipwreck of "The Susan and Eliza" in 1799 lost on route from Cape Jellison to Boston. Two of Roberts daughters (Susan and Eliza) were lost. Also two of his nieces were on the ship as well. I am trying to find who their parents were. Possibly brother, Philip,born 1740. But I can't find the dates of when his daughters were born. They were named, Susan and Eliza as well.
    Can you help? Thank you
    My husband is a decendant of Deborah Hichborn

  2. "Remarks
    Robert Hichborn was a ship-builder at Stockton, Me. One of his ships was on its way to Boston to be sold, when it was lost. On board were his two daughters, Susan and Eliza, (one coming to buy her wedding outfit), and their two nieces, Susan and Eliza, the latter being children, who had been on a visit to their aunts. All on board were lost. Robert was buried at Stockton. His wife afterwards came to Boston, died and was buried at the foot of the Common."

    From what I'm gathering, it looks as though they were Robert's son Philip's (1768-1816)daughters, thus granddaughters of Robert and nieces of Robert's daughters. The book does not give their birthdates; however, it gives a marriage date of 1792 for Philip and wife Betsey Hopkins, so the girls must have been, say, six and younger?? I'll scan the whole book and put it on the Maine & Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

  3. Hi Pam,
    I am a descendant of Robert Hitchborn and was looking for this information you were adding to the Maine & Maritime Canada Genealogy network. I was unable to locate it and would be
    interested in showing my mother it.
    Jeannette Gailey