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Resolve of the 55th Maine Legislature, 1876, Regarding Disbursements to the Passamaquoddy Tribe

1876 Legislative Resolve in favor of the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Washington County, Maine.

Note: Be aware the State was using the tribe's own monies, under State control, for the disbursements listed below. The funds came from stumpage on tribal lands and land sales and leases by the State of Passamaquoddy land, which violated treaty.

State of Maine
In House of Representatives
January 27, 1876

Reported from the Committee on Indian Affairs, by Mr. SAWYER of South Thomaston, and ordered printed under Joint Rule.

 RESOLVE in favor of the Passamaquoddy Indians

Resolved, That there be paid from the state treasury, to be expended under the direction of the governor and council, to the agent of the Passamaquoddy tribe of indians, for the benefit of said tribe, as follows: 

  • for May dividend, four hundred dollars
  • for November dividend, three hundred dollars
  • for distressed poor, twelve hundred dollars
  • for agricultural purposes, five hundred dollars
  • for bounty on crops for the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six, three hundred dollars
  • for ploughing, one hundred and fifty dollars
  • for salary of governors, fifty dollars each
  • for salary of lieutenant governor, twenty dollars
  • for wood, to be distributed as follows: one hundred dollars for those at Pleasant Point; thirty dollars for those at Pembroke; twenty-five dollars for those at Calais; and forty-five dollars for those at Peter Dana's Point
  • for educational purposes, three hundred dollars
  • for salary of priest, one hundred dollars
  • for dressing for land, one hundred dollars
  • for continent fund, two hundred dollars
  • for salary of agent, three hundred dollars
  • for repairs of priest's house and purchasing stove for chapel at Pleasant Point, two hundred dollars
  • for repairs of chapel and purchasing stove for same at Peter Dana's Point, fifty dollars
  • for plastering hall at Pleasant Point, fifty dollars
  • also, fifty dollars on road at Pleasant Point.

Pleasant Point - Sipayik
Peter Dana Point - Motahkomikuk

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