Thursday, December 9, 2021

c1897 Booklet from Supt of Public Schools in Maine: "A Study of the Schools in Northeastern Maine"

 c1897 booklet entitled "A Study of the Schools of Northeastern Maine", by the State Superintendent of Public Schools.  

The booklet, which measures approximately 8-1/2" by 5-1/2", contains 38 pages of text and photographs. It was printed by Kennebec Journal Print at Augusta, Maine. 

The booklet contains interesting content about how the State of Maine had long pursued a course where all public school discipline and instruction be conducted in the English language.  By legislative act in 1877, two teaching schools were created at Fort Kent and Van Buren, where local teachers would be trained in how to teach in English to French speaking students. These schools were combined in 1886 into one institution, the Madawaska Training School at Fort Kent, Maine.

The booklet starts off with several pages describing how the Acadian settlements in the St. John Valley came to be settled, from expulsion from Nova Scotia in the mid 18th century to the interim settlements to settlement in the "Madawaska Territory" of northern Maine.

3 items are tucked inside: one mentions the names of Mrs. A. C. Paul of Fort Fairfield, Maine, and W. W. Stetson.

All pages:  

St. John Valley, Northeastern Maine

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