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Brunswick, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Brunswick, Maine, in Cumberland County, in the 1820 Federal Census

Enumerator: Robert D. Dunning

Enumerated population of Brunswick in the 1820 Census: 2954 - also on the recap sheet

Enumeration of Brunswick consists of all or parts of Sheets 384-408; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward. Note: there are two sheets numbered 358 - the second one has the information.

Note: the 1820 Federal Census lists the names of heads of households only; people in a household are tracked by age range and gender to determine the total population.

See the
list of heads of households at the end of this post.

Boundary changes to Brunswick since 1820:

  • parts of Freeport annexed in 1833, 1839 and 1850

Note: Spelling of the names of heads of households has been left as it appears in the enumerator’s hand; in some cases, for clarity, an optional spelling has been added. Your corrections and additional information are requested; please comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

For the following reasons, be prepared to search the entire list for the object of your search:

  • Many people were not sure of the spelling of their names

  • Name spelling may have evolved throughout the person’s life

  • The enumerator may not have heard the person correctly

  • The enumerator may have interviewed someone not certain of the name of the head of household or how it was spelled

  • The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings.

  • Some enumerators grouped heads of households together by the first letter of their surname, giving an additional clue on a surname difficult to read. 

  • Note: lists by first letter of surname are not alphabetical within that letter.

  • Some enumerators apparently grouped the names by walking through neighborhoods; in these cases, the first letter of the surname may sometimes be in error, but the information on neighboring households is valuable.

Names of Heads of HouseholdsSheet #
John Anderson384
John Andrews, Jr.384
John Andrews384
Jeremiah Atten or Allen - long cross, but likely Allen384
William Allen384
Jacob Abbot384
Jane Allen384
Joseph Alexander384
Catherine Anderson384
Peter O. Alden384
Hannah Andrews384
Zacheus Allen384
John Alexander384
David Alexander384
William Alexander384
William Alexander 2d384
Abigail Adams384
Washington Bowker384
Rufus Bisbee384
Oliver Bisbee385
Sarah Baty or Sarah Bates - not sure of surname385
Ebenezer ? - smear; possibly B*es, i.e. Barnes385
Nathaniel Badger385
Joseph Bruce385
Mary Badger385
Samuel Berry385
Abner Bourne385
Henry Bowman385
John Brown385
William Beal385
David Boye385
Nicholas Berry385
Thomas Berry385
George Berry385
James Bicknal - name crossed out and all tally counts crossed out385
Thomas Bicknal - crossed out and all tally counts crossed out385
Thomas Cooper385
Alexander Campbell386
Nathan Coombs386
John E. Coombs386
Charles Cowing386
Charles Cowing, Jr.386
Assa Coombs386
Joshua Cushman386
Amasa Coombs - stikeover on back part of given name386
Joseph Coombs386
John Cornish386
John Curtis386
James Crawford386
Charles Crawford386
Joseph Coombs386
Frederic Cook386
Thomas Crowell386
Anthony Chase386
George Chase386
James Chase386
Samuel Chase386
John Crips387
David Crips387
Margaret Crips387
Judith Crips387
David Curtis387
Abner Coombs387
Joseph Coombs387
John Coombs387
John Cummins387
Mary Chase387
Patrick Connelly387
Betsy Campbell387
Thomas B. Creach387
Enoch Chase387
Caleb Cushing387
Stephen Cram387
James Cary - not sure of surname387
Ai Cook387
Joana Cary387
Benjamin Cummins387
Francis Card388
Samuel Coombs388
Wilber Caswell388
Josiah Clark or Jonah Clark388
Isaac Clough388
Anna Cox388
James Cox388
Mary Chase388
Daniel Coombs388
James Dunning, Jr.388
David Dunning ["Jr." crossed out]388
William Doubty388
Micah Davis388
Stephen Doubty388
John Donnel388
Abel Donnel388
William Dunning 2d388
John Dunning388
James Dunning388
Margaret Dunning388
William Dunning389
John Dunning 4th389
Thomas Dunning389
David Dunham389
David Dunning 2d389
Robert Dunlap389
Isaac Dow389
Margaret Dunning389
Aaron Dunning 2d389
Richard Dunlap - not sure of middle initial, possibly T or Z or ?389
Joshua Duglass389
Aaron Dunning389
Edward Duglass389
Ichabod Doubty389
Judith Duglass389
Robert D. Dunning389
John Dunning 3d389
John Doubty389
James Dinsmore389
John Dyer389
Rebecca Dunlap389
Jesse Doubty390
Joseph Dustin390
Johnson Dunham390
John Dunlap 3d390
Samuel Dunlap390
Hugh Dunlap390
Deborough Day390
Walter Davis390
John Dunlap390
Ezra Drew390
Joseph Dunlap390
John Doubty 2d390
Sally Dole390
Daniel Eaton390
Daniel Eaton, Jr.390
Betsy Eaton390
Jane Eaton390
Thomas S. Estabrook390
Hannah Eaton390
Samuel Emerson390
Ebenezer Everett391
James Elliot391
Robert Eastman391
Abner Eaton391
Samuel Eaton391
James Estes391
William Estes391
Ephraim Elliot391
David Farrin391
Winthrop Farrin, Jr.391
Levi Fog391
Winthrop Farrin391
Benjamin French391
John Given391
Samuel Given391
David Given391
Thomas Given391
David Given, Jr.391
John Given, Jr.392
Benjamin Gatchell392
William Gatchell392
Stephen Gatchell392
Aaron Gatchell392
Benjamin Gatchell392
Anna Gross392
Samuel Gross392
Freeman Gross392
Thomas Grouse392
William Given392
Mary Gatchell392
Joseph Gould392
Samuel Grafham392
Michael Grouse392
John Grouse392
Joseph Griffin392
Daniel Givin - not sure of surname392
Anthony Griffin392
Henry Godding393
Robert Goddard393
Samuel Goddard393
Charles Gatchell393
Reuben Higgins393
Sally Holebrook393
Hezekiah Harding393
Robert Harding393
Richard Harding393
Nathaniel Ham393
John Ham or Hans393
James Ham393
Sandy Hilt or Sandy Hill or ?393
Martha Hunt393
Jeremiah Hodgedon393
John Harvey393
John Hunt393
Timothy Hunscomb393
Susannah House or Howe393
Paul Hall393
James R. Hammond394
John C. Humphreyes394
Samuel Hopkins394
Jeremiah Hunt394
Samuel Hodskins394
Peter Henson394
Francis Huston394
William Hodskins394
Noah Hinkley394
Jesse Holebrook394
Daniel Hacker or Hucker394
Jesse Holebrook, Jr.394
Naum Houghton - likely Nahum Houghton394
Robert Jorden394
John Jorden394
Peter Jorden394
Peter Jorden, Jr.394
Jesse Jorden394
William James394
Francis J? - possibly Jones - very faint394
? Jack - very faint395
James J? - very faint395
Lawrence Joyst - not sure of surname395
Josiah Jaquith395
David Joy395
Edward Jones395
William Jones395
Caleb Jones395
John Jones395
Thomas Jones395
Stephen Jones395
Gould Jewell or Gould Jewett395
Jackson Leavit - middle intial possibly T or Z or ?395
Partrick Kincaid - presumably Patrick395
David Kincaid395
Javan Knap - presumably Javan Knapp395
Meriam Kilgore395
Jonathan Kidder395
Mary Kincaid395
Nathan Lewis395
Caleb Leavit396
Jabez Lewis396
Abigail Linscot396
James Larrabee396
William Larrabee396
Ephraim Larrabee396
Stephen Larrabee396
John Larrabee396
David Lemont396
Samuel Low396
David Linscot396
Paul Lowell396
James Littlefield396
John Lee396
Jaazaniah Lewis396
Lucy Lovis or Lovit396
Stephen Lee396
Amos Lunt396
Leonard Livermore396
Adam Lamont396
George Lamb396
Josiah Lunt397
Amos Lunt397
Joseph Lunt397
Simon Lowell397
William Marinor397
John Marinor397
William Moseley397
Samuel Marinor397
Amasa Moreland397
Unite Mariner397
Samuel Melcher397
James Michaels397
Samuel Miller397
William Miller397
Henry Minot397
Joseph Moore397
John Mariner 2d397
Thomas Meryman397
Noah Melcher397
William Mitchell398
Edward Mumford398
John Mathews398
Nathaniel Melcher398
Janet Maller398
William Mitchell 2d398
Charles May398
Samuel Mitchell398
Benjamin Mason398
James McManus398
William Merrit or William Murch398
William Megill398
Adam Morse398
Anthony Morse398
James Morse398
Josiah Melcher or Jonah Melcher398
Samuel Melcher 2d398
Joseph Melcher398
Samuel Melcher 3d398
Richard Moore, Jr.398
Paul Morse399
Eliza T. Moody - not sure of given name399
Samuel Moulton399
Benjamin Mayo399
Joseph McLellan399
Richard Moore399
Richard McManus399
Daniel McManus399
Robert McManus399
John McManus399
Joseph Moody399
Thomas Meryman399
Timothy Meryman399
William Michaels399
Truworthy Murry399
Moses M. Marsh399
Alice McKeen399
David McIntire399
John McDaniel399
Luke Nickerson400
Joseph Noyes400
Thomas Noyes400
James Nelson400
Ebenezer Nichols400
James Noyes400
Shimuel Owen400
Charles Owen400
Philip Owen400
Philip Owen, Jr.400
Jeremiah Owen400
Edward Oakes400
John Owen400
James Otis400
John O'Brien400
John Oakes400
Joshua Parsley400
Robert Pennell400
George Pollard400
Dormand Perkins401
Jacob Pennell401
Edmund Pray401
William Pennell401
Thomas Pool401
Charity Page401
Jonathan Page401
Samuel Page401
Henry Putnam401
John Perry401
Nehemiah Paterson or Peterson401
Heman Pettingill401
Jonathan Pollard - middle initial P or R or ?401
John Preston401
Jotham W. Rogers401
Lucretia P. Roberts401
John Ripley401
Robert Ross 2d401
William Ross402
Robert Ross402
John Robinson402
Edward Ramond402
Thomas Ransom402
Samuel Ross402
John Rodick402
Joseph Ross402
James Ross402
Jacob Rideout402
Isaac O. Robinson402
Joshua Roberts402
Margaret Skolfield402
Clemont Skolfield402
Margaret Spear402
William Sylvester402
John Simons402
Jorden Snow402
George Stilkey402
John Steward402
Mary Story403
William Story403
David Stanwood403
Elizabeth Sullivan403
Judah Stanwood403
Reuben Stephens403
James Stanwood403
Elizabeth Stanwood403
Lewis Simpson403
James Stanwood 2d403
James Stanwood 3d403
David Stanwood 3d403
Thomas Skolfield403
John Skolfield 2d403
Jacob Skolfield403
William Stanwood 2d403
John Skolfield403
William Starbird403
Philip Stanwood403
William Simpson403
Thomas Simpson404
Russell Stoddard404
David Smiley404
Humphry Snow404
David Stanwood 2d404
William Stanwood404
James Stanwood404
Aaron Snow404
Jonathan Snow404
Mathew Simpson404
Martha Simpson404
Daniel Stone404
Samuel Stanwood404
Jotham Stone404
Charles Stutson - not sure of surname404
Jacob Stockman404
Nathaniel Sawtel404
Richard Sherwin404
Dean Swift404
William P. Story404
Deborough Swain404
Phebe S? - possibly Phebe Small or Sewall or ?404
John Swartkin405
Sally Swift405
Charles Thomas405
Consider Thomas405
Henry Townsend405
Robert Townsend405
Abraham Toothaker405
Abraham Toothaker, Jr. or Abraham J. Toothaker405
Alexander Toothaker405
Amos Twitchell405
Richard Toppan405
Gideon Toothaker405
Charles Toothaker405
Daniel Thompson405
Benjamin Titcomb405
Phineas Taylor405
Burt Townsend - not sure of given name405
Samuel Towns405
Thomas Taylor405
Ephraim Thomas405
Samuel Tappan406
Ruth Thompson406
Frederic French406
John Tufts406
Jonah F. Tappan406
Andrew Toothaker406
Hitty Toothaker or Kitty Toothaker406
David Upton406
Cornelius D. Vaniker406
Enoch Varney406
Caven Varney406
Nicholas Varney406
Joseph Varney406
John Vining406
Samuel Varney406
Estes Varney or Ester Varney406
Nathan Woodard406
George Woodside406
Peter Woodard406
Samuel Woodard407
John Woodard407
Ebenezer Woodard407
Jacob Weston, Jr.407
William Weston407
Jacob Weston407
John Winslow407
William Woodside407
Hannah Woodside407
James Woodside407
Anna Woodside407
William Woodside 2d407
Mary Woodside407
James Wilson407
John Woodside407
Vincent Woodside407
William Weld; ? middle initial possibly E407
Charles Weld407
Samuel Woodard Jr.407
John Wilson407
Joseph Ward408
Lemuel ward408
Reid Welch408
Henry Welch408

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