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North Yarmouth, Maine, in the 1820 Census

North Yarmouth, Maine, in Cumberland County, in the 1820 Federal Census.  Then included Yarmouth, Maine, and Cumberland, Maine.

Enumerator: Robert D. Dunning

Enumerated population of North Yarmouth in the 1820 Census: 3646 - also on the recap sheet

Enumeration of North Yarmouth consists of all or parts of Sheets 456-485; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward. Note: there are two sheets numbered 358 - the second one has the information.

Note: the 1820 Federal Census lists the names of heads of households only; people in a household are tracked by age range and gender to determine the total population.

See the
list of heads of households at the end of this post.

Boundary changes to North Yarmouth since 1820:

  • land set off to form Cumberland in 1821
  • land set off to form Yarmouth in 1849

Note: Spelling of the names of heads of households has been left as it appears in the enumerator’s hand; in some cases, for clarity, an optional spelling has been added. Your corrections and additional information are requested; please comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

For the following reasons, be prepared to search the entire list for the object of your search:

  • Many people were not sure of the spelling of their names

  • Name spelling may have evolved throughout the person’s life

  • The enumerator may not have heard the person correctly

  • The enumerator may have interviewed someone not certain of the name of the head of household or how it was spelled

  • The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings.

  • Some enumerators grouped heads of households together by the first letter of their surname, giving an additional clue on a surname difficult to read. 

  • Note: lists by first letter of surname are not alphabetical within that letter.

  • Some enumerators apparently grouped the names by walking through neighborhoods; in these cases, the first letter of the surname may sometimes be in error, but the information on neighboring households is valuable.

Names of Heads of HouseholdsSheet #
Jacob Allen456
Edward Allen456
Elijah Allen456
Abigail Allen456
Lorania Allen456
Joseph Anderson456
Hannah Ames456
Josiah Black456
Stephen Bennet456
Edson Bates456
William Buxton456
Elenor Baker456
Amasa Baker456
Reuben Byram456
Isaac Bailey - middle initial possibly W or H or ?456
Ephraim Barrows456
William Barrows456
Selenas Blanchard - not sure of given name456
Joshua Blanchard456
William Blanchard456
David Buxton457
Ephraim Batcheldor457
Jeremiah Blanchard457
John Blanchard457
Ozias Blanchard457
Solomon Blanchard - either Solomon L or Solomon 2d457
Boza Blanchard457
Nicholas Blanchard457
Joab Black457
Abel Black457
Abigail Blanchard457
Samuel Blanchard457
Josiah Black457
Ebenezer Blanchard457
Cirus Blanchard - presumably Cyrus Blanchard457
Jeremiah Bracket457
Thomas Bartlet457
Stephen Burbank457
Allen Baston457
John Babson457
Oliver Byram457
Enos Byram458
Joseph Babson458
Hannah Baston458
Daniel Baston458
Samuel Blake458
Jeremiah Buxton458
Dura Baston458
Samuel Beacon458
Simon Batcheldor458
Rufus Batcheldor458
Nathaniel Bacon458
William Brooks458
Jeremiah Blasdel458
Daniel Bennet458
Jeremiah Baker458
William Bennet458
Seth Blanchard458
? Baker - could be Shuah, Shuat, Sherat, Sherab - appears to be a female458
Sela Bruce458
Reuben Brown458
Joseph Barstow459
Assa Bisbee459
Samuel Buckman459
William Buckman459
Alexander Barr459
Robert Barr459
Adrian Blanchard459
John D. Blanchard459
Lazarus Bates459
Benjamin Brown459
Ephraim Bacheldor459
Abel A. Brigs459
Libbeus Bailey459
Sarah Cutter or Sarah Cutler459
Ebenezer Corless459
Robert Corless459
David Cleaves459
Mehitable Corless459
Stephen Chapen459
George Cox460
Daniel Clark460
Edmund Cleaves460
John Collins460
Thomas Chase460
Thomas E. Cateret460
Abraham Cummins460
Samuel Cobb460
Levi Cleaves460
William Cleaves460
? Cummins - partially smeared but could be Cirus for Cyrus460
Daniel Coteret or Coteut460
Isabella Cutter or Isabella Cutler460
Hezekiah Collins460
John Cutter or John Cutler460
Deborough Chase460
William Curtis460
Samuel Chalburn - possibly meant Samuel Chadburn460
Daniel Chase460
Jacob Chase460
Benjamin Cole461
Joshua Corless461
Curtis Chute461
Thomas Chase461
Amos Clough461
John Clough461
Simeon Clough461
Daniel Clough461
Ammi Cutter or Ammi Cutler461
Samuel Cutter, Jr. or Samuel Cutler, Jr.461
Samuel Cutter or Samuel Cutler461
Charles Cutter or Charles Cutler461
Joseph Chandler461
Levi Chase461
Joseph W. Collins461
Charles Chase461
Judah Chandler461
John Curate - not sure of surname461
Ebenezer Cleaves461
Isaac Carter461
Reuben Chandler462
Noah Cruce or Creece - not sure of surname; could be Noah Cressey462
Meryam Davis - not sure of given name462
Edward Doubty462
Elbridge Drinkwater462
Samuel Doten462
James Dunn462
Samuel Dodge462
Sylvanus Drinkwater462
Margaret Drinkwater462
Timothy Davis462
William Davis462
David Drinkwater462
Allen Drinkwater462
Joseph Drinkwater462
Perez Drinkwater, Jr.462
John Drinkwater462
Perez Drinkwater462
Nicholas Drinkwater462
Ruel Drinkwater462
Ammi Drinkwater462
Daniel Drinkwater462
Thomas Davis462
Patrick Dolla - not sure of surname463
Nathaniel Doughty463
John Doyle463
William Doughty463
David Doughty463
Jesse Estes463
Hannah Ellis463
Enos Fields463
David Fields463
Onis F. Fisher - possibly Onesiphorus Fisher (1753-1829)463
John Fields463
Zacheus Fields463
James Fields463
Nathaniel Foster463
William Favour463
Timothy Favour463
Jacob Favour463
Wallace Foss463
Enos Fog463
Nathan Fair463
Duncan Forbes463
Samuel Gould464
John Gould464
Hulda Green464
Samuel Gilman464
Eliphalet Greely464
Jonathan Greely464
Assa Greely464
Benjamin Gould464
John Gouch, Jr.464
Hannah Goodhue464
Joseph Grouse - not sure of surname464
Rufus George464
Mary Griffin464
John Gray464
John Grouse464
William Godding464
Rachel Gray464
Joshua Gray464
Stephen Greely464
Adams Gray465
Catherine Greely465
Samuel Grammer - not sure of surname465
Mary Haskel465
Gad Hitchcock465
Reuben Hayes465
Joshua Haskel465
George Hicks465
Ozna Harris or Orna Harris465
Jonathan Horlet - perhaps Jonathan Hulet465
Greenfield Hall465
John Henly465
Jonathan Hammilton - presumably Jonathan Hamilton465
Ambrose Hammilton - presumably Ambrose Hamilton465
James Hammilton - presumably James Hamilton465
Charles Hamilton465
David Hill465
Jacob Hill465
Jacob Hamilton465
John Hill466
Eleazer Hill466
Hezekiah Hill466
Hezekiah Hill, Jr.466
Richard Hutchingson466
John Hamilton466
Stephen Hutchinson466
Samuel Hutchinson466
Ebenezer Hill466
John Hammilton, Jr.466
Zadock Humphry466
Samuel Hatch466
Jacob Hayes466
Joseph Hayes466
John Hamilton 3d466
John Hall466
William Hicks466
Benjamin Herrick466
Susan Hamilton466
Moses Haskel - not sure of given name466
George Hustin466
Larrabee Harris467
Mary Harris467
William Hamilton467
William Hamilton, Jr.467
John Hayes, Jr.467
Reuben Humphry467
James Hill, Jr.467
James Hill467
Josiah Harris467
Andrew Hayes467
Jacob Hayes467
Joseph Hicks467
Joseph Hicks, Jr.467
William Harris467
Benjamin Humphry467
William Hoit467
Joshua Humphry467
Chesley Hatch467
Hyram Hatch467
John Hayes467
Amos M. Hayes468
George Johnson468
Nathan Johnson468
Patten Jackson - not sure of given name468
Nathan Johnson - Nathan J. Johnson or Nathan Johnson, Jr.468
Jacob Jones468
Robert Johnson468
Thomas Johnson468
David Jones468
Alexander Johnson468
Daniel Johnson468
John Kendrick468
Lydia Kelley468
John Kelley468
Charles Kent468
Zebulon Knight468
Samuel Kenny468
Hannah Lane468
Samuel Larrabee468
Solomon Loring469
William Loring469
Moses Leighton469
Andrew Leighton469
John Leighton469
Robert Leighton469
William Leighton469
Richard Loring - Richard Loring, Jr., or Richard J. Loring469
Anna Loring469
Reuben Loring - either Reuben Loring, Jr., or Reuben J. Loring469
Lot Loring469
Thomas Loring469
Ammi M. Loring469
Jeremiah Loring - either Jeremiah J. Loring or Jeremiah Loring, Jr.469
David Loring469
Joseph Low469
Nathaniel Lufkin469
Jacob Lufkin469
Nehemiah Lufkin469
Nathaniel Lufkin470
James R. Loring470
David Leonard, Jr.470
John Lovel470
Levi Long470
Jacob Loring470
Samuel Loring470
Richard Loring470
David Leonard470
Lucy Loring470
David Laurance or Lawrence470
Solomon Low470
David Lovel470
Samuel Laurence or Lawrence470
Samuel Lowel or Samuel Lovel470
Reuben Loring470
Samuel Larrabee470
George Lewis470
Elijah Long470
Enoch Littlefield471
Isaac Morse471
Jacob Mitchell471
John W. Mellen471
Charles C. Mitchell471
Stephen Moulton471
Isaac Merrill471
Jacob Merrill471
Josiah Morse or Jonah Morse471
Matthias Moulton471
Benjamin McIntire471
John Martin471
Ephraim Morison471
Nathaniel Merrill, Jr.471
Nathaniel Merrill471
David Merrill471
Alexander Merrill471
William Merrill, Jr.471
Edmund Merrill471
Oliver Merrill472
Jacob Merrill472
John Meserve472
John March472
Amos Maxfield472
Reuben Maxwell472
John Marston, Jr.472
Ezekiel Merrill472
William Merrill472
Robert Maxwell472
Otis C. Mitchell472
Levi Marston472
Thomas Marston472
Jesper Martin472
John Marstin472
Daniel Marstin472
Bela Mitchell472
James Man or James Mar472
Zepheniah Mabry472
John Mitchell473
Joseph Mann473
Jeremiah Marsten473
James Mason473
James Mitchell473
Benjamin Mitchell473
Joseph Merrill473
David Mitchell473
Jeremiah Mitchell473
Isaiah Mitchell473
Dorcas Mitchell473
Levi Mitchell473
David Melville473
Henry Moxy473
Cornelius Moxy473
David J. Mitchell or David Mitchell, Jr.473
Jeremiah J. Mitchell or Jeremiah Mitchell, Jr.473
Jonathan Moulton473
Mary Mason473
Samuel Mason473
Nathan Merrill474
James Moxy474
Daniel Mitchell474
Ammi R. Mitchell474
Isreal Merrill - presumably Israel Merrill474
Nehemiah Noyes474
William Noyes474
William Noyes, Jr.474
Moses Noyes474
Nathan Oakes474
Ammi Prince474
Mary Prince474
Sylvanus Prince474
Sewall Prince474
Elizabeth Parsons474
George Prince474
Ezra Perry474
Cushing Prince, Jr.474
Thaxter Prince474
Jeremiah Prince474
Benjamin Prince475
Paul Prince475
Ammi Prince, Jr.475
Assa Pratt475
John Pettingill475
Thomas Pride475
John Pride475
Jonathan Person or Jonathan Penson475
David Prince or David Peirce475
Ryan Prince475
Zenus Prince475
Cushing Prince475
John Peirce or John Prince475
David Parsons475
Stephen Porter475
Nehemiah Porter475
Sarah Porter475
Patrick Prince or Patrick Peirce475
Benjamin Pratt475
Ebenezer Pratt475
David Pratt476
James Prince or James Pierce476
Jane Prince or Jane Peirce476
Joel Prince or Joel Peirce476
William Peirce, Jr.476
Joseph Parker476
William Peirce476
George Parsons476
Levi Pratt476
Joseph Pratt476
Joseph Parker476
Allen Pettingill476
Reuben Prince or Reuben Peirce476
Phineas Parker476
Richard Parker476
John Peirce or John Prince476
William Pitee - not sure of surname476
John Pittee - not sure of surname476
Thomas Prince or Thomas Peirce476
Tristram G. Prince476
Ester Phillips476
William Prince477
Ebenezer Pettingill477
Benjamin Rideout477
Reuben Rideout477
George Robbins477
Andrew Ring477
Eleazer Ring477
Thadeus Robbins477
Reuben Ring477
James Robbins477
Isaac Ross477
Walter Ross477
Zebulon Reid477
Peter Ross477
James Russell477
William Reid, Jr.477
William Reid477
Samuel Rider477
Jabez Rider477
John Rich477
Isaac Ross478
Peter Ross, Jr.478
Joseph Russell478
Isaac Ross, Jr.478
Edward Russell478
Hannah Russell478
Walter Ross478
Joel Ricker - not sure of given name478
Wentworth Ricker478
Joseph Ross478
John Ross478
Hannah Sweetzer478
Benjamin Sweetzer478
Nathan B. Smith478
Abigail Sprague478
Amos Storer478
William M. Storer478
Daniel Staples478
David Small478
Amasa Smith478
Joseph Smith479
William Smith479
Reuben Stubbs479
William Stubbs479
Moses Stubbs479
Assa Sawyer479
Nehemiah Shaw479
Benjamin Sweetzer, Jr.479
Benjamin Skillings479
Daniel Shaw479
Joseph Shaw479
Benjamin Sanburn479
Paul Sanburn479
Reuben Sawyer479
Mary Sweetzer479
Enos Storer479
Mercy Stubbs479
Nathan Safford479
John Simons479
Salathial Sweetzer480
William Sweetzer480
Sylvanus Sweetzer480
Daniel Staples480
Isaac Skillings480
Samuel Seagant - presumably Samuel Sergeant480
Thadeus Stowell480
Simeon Sweetzer480
William Sergeant480
John Sergeant480
Nathaniel Sweetzer480
Charles Stubbs480
John Stubbs480
Benjamin Stubbs480
Reuben Sawyer480
Prince Sweetzer or Patience Sweetzer480
Levi Sweetzer480
Benjamin Sawyer480
Daniel Sherman480
Isaac Skillings480
Assa Sweetzer480
Henry Scott481
Edward Small481
Benjamin Sebring - perhaps Benjamin Seabury481
John Seabring - perhaps John Seabury481
Samuel Seabring, either with middle initial J or a Jr. - possibly Samuel Seabury481
William Seabring - perhaps William Seabury481
John Small481
Jesse Soule481
William Scales or William Seales481
Ephraim Sturdivant481
Joseph Sturdivant481
Greely Sturdivant481
John Small481
Calvin Stockbridge481
William R. Stockbridge481
Samuel Seabring - perhaps Samuel Seabury481
David Seabring - perhaps David Seabury481
Solomon Sawyer481
Rufus Soule481
Solomon Sawyer482
Nicholas Sweetzer482
William Sweetzer482
Joseph Turner482
William Thompson482
Isreal True - presumably Israel True482
Moses Thombs482
Nathan Titcomb or Nathaniel Titcomb482
John Thomas482
William Thomas482
Joseph Thomas482
Sannah True - perhaps Susannah True482
Mercy True482
Edward True482
Abner Tuttle482
David Tricky482
Moses Titcomb482
Edmund Titcomb482
Assa True482
Samuel True482
Bradbury True483
George Titcomb483
Beniah Titcomb483
Enos Titcomb483
David True483
David True, Jr.483
Lucy Videtto483
Joseph Videtto483
Joseph Woods483
John Webster483
John M. Warren483
Richard Webber483
Mary Webber483
Jonathan Webber483
Samuel Whitney483
Alexor Whitney - perhaps Alexander Whitney483
Deborough Whitney483
William Winslow483
Cirus Wilson - presumably Cyrus Wilson483
James Winslow483
John Wyman484
Thomas Wentworth484
Ezra Weeks484
Bethuel Wood484
Stephen Watson484
Zebulon Westcoat484
Otis C. Whiting484
Samuel Winslow484
Edward Wilson484
Benjamin Whitney484
Josiah Wyman484
Lemuel Wyman484
William Westcoat484
William Westcoat - either William Westcoat, Jr., or William J. Westcoat484
Clermont Westcoat484
Jeremiah Walker484
Jeremiah Walker, Jr.484
Uriel Whitney484
Samuel Worthley485
Lewis Worthley485
Benjamin Winslow485
Assa Winslow485
Jotham Whitney485
Samuel Warren485
Solomon Winslow485
Zadock Whitcomb485
Justin Worthley485
David Yale485
John York485
Levi York485
Samuel York485
William Young485
Bazelich Young485
William York485

North Yarmouth, Maine, Today

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