Monday, July 19, 2021

1935 Waltham, Maine: End of Term Sunday School Booklet

1935 End of Term Booklet for the Sunday School at Waltham, Maine. The owner's name, Janet Giles, was written on the back cover.  She was Janet (Giles) Carlisle (1921-2000), who married Robert T. Carlisle and became an active community member of Surry, Maine.

Many names of teachers and children appear in the booklet.  The inside back cover notes that Janet had had perfect attendance for five years.

Sunday School Officers

Isabelle A. Jordan, Superintendent
Sadie M. Haslam, Assistant Superintendent
Phyllis Jordan, Secretary
Irving Braley, Treasurer
Olive Giles, Organist
Irving Braley, Janitor

Royal Crown Class
Isabelle A. Jordan, Teacher
Mabel Jordan
Olive Giles
Geneva Haslam
Mildred Haslam
Josie Martin
Bernice Jordan
Eva Haslam
Agnes Haslam

Lindy Class
Sadie M. Haslam, Teacher
Irving Braley
Roger Jordan
Kenneth Jordan
Janet Giles
Merle Jordan
Franklin Jordan
Phyllis Jordan
Florence Owen
Mona Rankin
Raymond Salisbury

Vida Haslam, Teacher
Harland Jordan
Pauline Jordan
Dora Hardison
Laverne Hardison
Wilda Hardison
Arthur Jordan, Jr.
Thurston Haslam
Madalene Jordan
Donald Emerson
Phyllis Hall

Esther Jordan, Teacher
Roland Giles
Hildred Jordan
Betty Emerson
Marion Kemp
Mandel Kemp, Jr.
Naldin Hall
Dwight Haslam
Paul Emerson
Anthony Emerson
Robert Hardison

Cradle Roll
Donald Haslam
Donna Haslam
Merrill Hardison
Leota Hardison
Floyd Hardison
Ernestine Jordan
Thomas Jordan
R. Austin Wilbur - the "R" added in handwriting
Erlaine Lordan
Robert Jordan
Reginald Jordan
Roland Braley
Ethel Hardison
Lucille Hardison
Phillip Jordan - added in handwriting
Duane H. Braley - added in handwriting

"Perfect attendance for five years."

Janet Giles

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