Thursday, July 1, 2021

1837 Canton, Maine, Wheat Bounty Document: Timothy Pratt, Timothy W. Pratt, John Hearsey

December 30, 1837 Canton, Maine, document where Timothy Pratt certifies to Justice of the Peace John Hearsey that Pratt raised 39 bushels of wheat during the year. Timothy W. Pratt certified that he had helped with the cleaning and measuring; he may have been Pratt's son or other relative, or perhaps the same person.  The bounty, written on the reverse, was $3.14.

Approximately 9-1/2" by 7-3/4"; minimal handwriting on the reverse.

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Men mentioned above:
  • Timothy Pratt         ) Who may be the same person, if it was acceptable for 
  • Timothy W. Pratt    ) the grower to attest to cleaning & measuring
  • John Hearsey, Esq. (1795-1870)

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