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February 1891 Letter from Philindia (Lombard) Bisbee of Canton, Maine, to George R. Henderson in Paulllina, Iowa

February 11, 1891 letter of Philindia F. (Lombard) Bisbee (1826-1904), wife of Daniel Bisbee (1826-1904), of Canton, Maine, to George R. Henderson of Paullina, Iowa.  The reverse of the letter contains the handwriting of recipient George: Wrote to Daniel Bisbee & sent money order $11 Feb 19/91 

  • work on behalf of candidate Dora Thompson
  • Philindia commented on George's children or grandchildren, apparently included with his last letter
  • Philindia's 3 grandchildren, children of her son Edward Lincoln Bisbee
  • Old Mrs. Childs and Gus "down in the Pine woods"
  • "the same as when you was here" - implying that George had lived in or visited Canton at length at some point and was familiar with people in town
  • Philindia will send the bill for the apples - George is apparently always in the market for Maine apples
  • Philindia asks that George send the apple payment by way of Postal note, to save on the check cashing fee 

A partially edited transcription and information on people mentioned appear at the end of this post.

Partially edited transcription

Canton Feb 11
Friend George
Your letter came today and will say we were surprised and very joyfully surprised at your liberal gift in the Watch Contest. Daniel just put the harness on the horse and put for the Telephone Office. He bought 250 papers for 6 dollars. Fred Parsons has 50 dollars to buy votes for Dora and they have an entertainment this evening to get more money for her but they are awfully afraid she will lose. There is going to be an awful scrabble now, I expect their hearts will go Patty Bump til next Sat night. Well, George, you don't grow old do you or is your Western farms so fruitful that children grow spontaneously. These little tots are cunning. Ed's folks have 3 little boys the youngest a year old. [Not sure what she meant by "Ed's folks" - but her married son Edward Lincoln Bisbee, living on the farm, had 3 boys by the time of this letter and would have 3 girls afterward.]  Daniel and myself takes lots of comfort with them. I love children. I hope yours will all grow up to be good. I would like to happen into your place some day ad give you a surprise, but never expect to. Old Mrs. Childs & Gus lives down in the Pine woods the same as when you was here. I don't know but Gus will die of old age before his mother does. She is real smart, does all her work alone.  I will send the Bill of those apples. I did not have it when I wrote before. Nothing new to write, So will say Good Bye again.
Mrs. D. Bisbee

P.S. Couldn't you get a Postal note or order at your Office. It would not cost as much as it does to get a check cashed. The bank is so far away. I presume the money would come all right in the letter but no certainty, I know. Daniel says when you get your apples he would like to know how much the freight was on them.

[George's note on the back of the letter]  Wrote to Daniel Bisbee & sent money order $11 Feb 19/91

People Mentioned

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