Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cabinet Photos of Ellen Spurling; Hattie Spurling & Andrew Spurling; no studio imprint

 Grammie Ellen Spurling

Three 19th century photographs, found together, though not necessarily related:
  • an older woman identified as Grammie Ellen Spurling
  • a woman identified as Aunt Hattie Spurling
  • a young man, Andrew Spurling
Sadly, none has a studio imprint to give a clue as to locale.   The photographs were purchased in Maine, though they may not have originated there.

 Reverse of a cabinet photograph of Grammie Ellen Spurling

There were families with people of these names living on the Cranberry Isles off Mount Desert Island in Maine and at Gouldsboro, Maine, not far away on the mainland.  

 Aunt Hattie Spurling

 Reverse of a photograph of Aunt Hattie Spurling

Hopefully a reader recognize the photographs from their family photographs or research and will share the identities of Ellen, Hattie and Andrew.

 Andrew Spurling

Reverse of a cabinet photograph of Andrew Spurling

Below is a map showing the Cranberry Isles and Gouldsboro, Maine, in case these photographs are from the Spurling families in that area.

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