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1866 letter from Elvira Anna (Dearborn) Porter at Augusta, Maine, to her uncle, Abel Hodgkins, at New Sharon, Maine

September 26, 1866 letter from Elvira Anna (Dearborn) Porter (1835-1901), "Anna", posted at Augusta, Maine, and sent to her uncle Abel Hodgkins (1807-1874) at New Sharon, Maine.  Anna's mother, Dorothy J. (Hodgkins) Dearborn (1816-1891) was Abel's sister.  At the time the letter was written, Anna was married to Horatio Chapman Porter (1830-1905).

The letter contains instructions for Abel to meet his sister Dorothy at the station at Belgrade, Maine, and later for Abel and Dorothy to meet Dorothy's husband Franklin at Kendall's Mills, presumably at Fairfield, Maine.

See another post that features four letters to Abel Hodgkins' daughter, Mrs. Lovina Ann (Hodgkins) Stinchfield Norton of New Sharon, Maine.  One of the letters was written by Anna's mother Dorothy J. (Hodgkins) Dearborn on May 26, 1873 at Foxcroft, Maine, where she and husband Franklin were living at the time.  Abel was lodging with them, and the letter discusses his precarious health and spirits.

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Abel Hodgkins was born June 10, 1807 in Raymond, New Hampshire, the son of True B. Hodgkins and Joanna (Davis) Hodgkins.  Abel married Hannah Tilton, who was born in Kennebec County, Maine, about 1813.  Abel and Hannah had five children, I believe.
  1. Lovina Ann Hodgkins, born October 14, 1833 at Vienna, Maine; married 1)  Hiram Adison Stinchfield who died shortly after their 1853 marriage; 2) Benjamin Norton, whom Lovina married in 1855 and who died shortly after enlisting into Company G of the Sixteenth Maine in 1862.  Lovina and Benjamin had a daughter, Carrie May Norton, born in July 30, 1856.
  2. Jacob Tilton Hodgkins, born October 12, 1835 at Vienna, Maine.  Disabled during service in the Civil War.   Jacob married Ladora A. Luce and had at least three children.
  3. Joanna Davis Hodgkins, born July 10, 1837 at Vienna, Maine; Joanna married Charles Reed and had at least one child, who died in infancy
  4. Hannah Jane Hodgkins, born June 2, 1840 at Vienna, Maine; married Dr. Pliny Hume West, who, after Hannah's death, married Hannah's niece, Carrie May Norton, daughter of Hannah's older sister Lovina Ann (Hodgkins) Stinchfield Norton
  5. Abby Maria Hodgkins, born February 17, 1842 at Vienna, Maine; Abby married Henry Stewart Mayhead
According to the book Genealogy of the Ancestry and Descendants of Captain Francis Davis, Founder of Davisville, New Hampshire, and of Some of the Posterity of His Brother, Gideon Davis: With Records of Many Other Descendants of Francis Davis, the Emigrant from Wales to America, compiled by Francis W. Davis and published in 1910 , Abel was a shoe and boot manufacturer who later moved to New Sharon to farm.  At some point after his wife Hannah (Tilton) Hodgkins died on February 21, 1866, Abel moved to Foxcroft, Maine, immediate or eventually to the home of his sister Dorothy J. (Hodgkins) Dearborn and her husband Franklin.  

It's presumably this Abel Hodgkins who married Rebecca Ames at Dover-Foxcroft, Maine (though the two towns were still separate at that time), on August 11, 1867.  Another record shows that they divorced in September of 1871.   I wonder if Rebecca was Rebecca (Strout) Ames (1811-1876), who was the widow of Rev. Moses Ames (1812-1860) and the daughter of James Strout and Sarah (Johnson) Strout.  Rebecca, Moses and other family members are buried in the South Dover Cemetery at Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.

Abel died February 21, 1874 and is buried with wife Hannah (Tilton) Hodgkins in the New Sharon Village Cemetery at New Sharon, Maine.

Elvira Anna (Dearborn) Porter, "Anna" (1835-1901), was born April 16, 1835 at Vienna, Maine, daughter of Franklin Dearborn and Dorothy J. (Hodgkins) Dearborn, who was Abel Hodgkins' sister.  On October 2, 1853 at Vienna, Maine, Anna married Horatio Chapman Porter (1830-1905), son of James Harlow Porter and Lurenda (Gould) Porter.  Horatio was born at Vienna, Maine, on January 6, 1830.  I didn't find a record of any children for Anna and Horatio, who are buried in the Vienna Village Cemetery at Vienna, Maine.


Augusta, Sept 26, 1866
Dear Uncle
I will write a few lines to let you know that Mother [Dorothy J. (Hodgkins) Dearborn] will go home Saturday.  Father [Franklin Dearborn] is going to Portland Friday and going home Saturday and wants you and Mother to meet him at Kendals Mills [presumably Kendall's Mills in Fairfield, Maine].  Horatio [Horatio Porter, Anna's husband] and I came down today.  Aunt Abby Knowlton [Abel's sister Abigail N. (Hodgkins) Knowlton, wife of Selden Knowlton] is here.  Please excuse haste for it is about car time.
In haste,
Anna Porter [Elvira Anna (Dearborn) Porter]

love to all
Mother is here.
Mother will be on board the cars when you get to Belgrade at 4 o'clock P.M.  so be there for Father wants you to be sure and come.

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