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1883 Deed Where Edward Ford Purchased the Old Tannery Privilege at Piermont, New Hampshire, from John Spaulding

February 8, 1883 deed where Edward Ford of Piermont, New Hampshire, purchased, for $200, land and buildings known as the Old Tannery Privilege, with the exception of the Mill, from John Spaulding and Jane Spaulding of Piermont.

The deed was witnessed by Parker Felch and William H. Gannett.  Gannett was also the Justice of the Peace in whose presence the deed was signed.

Information on the reverse shows that the deed was recorded by Henry H. Clark, Register of Deeds for Grafton County, New Hampshire.

See another post that features an 1865 deed where Edward Ford purchased half of the family farm at Orford, New Hampshire, from his parents Alden Ford and Sally Dame (Phelps) Ford.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Edward Ford, Buyer

Edward Ford was born October 31, 1834 at Orford, New Hampshire, son of Alden Ford and Sally Dame (Phelps) Ford.  On October 24, 1860 at Bradford, Vermont, Edward Ford married Harriet Gould, daughter of Aaron Pressey Gould and Hannah Bennett (Jackson) Gould.  Harriet died just over three years after this property changed hands.  I believe she and Edward had four children.  About 1891 Edward married Charlotte Emma (Bagley), daughter of John Andrews Bagley and Charlotte (possibly Bagley) Bagley and widow of John H. Underhill.  Edward died August 27, 1907 in Vermont.

John Spaulding and Jane (Felch) Spaulding, Sellers

According to a biography in Biographical review: containing life sketches of leading citizens of Stafford and Belknap countries, New Hampshire, published by the Biographical Review Publishing Company in 1897, John Spaulding was born September 10, 1832 at Plainfield, New Hampshire, son of Josiah and Hannah (Cole) Spaulding.  John served in the Civil War and then spent 16 years in Wisconsin before returning to New Hampshire.  He eventually moved to Laconia, New Hampshire, where he operated a summer hotel, the Good Luck House at The Weirs on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Earlier, on May 1, 1854, John Spaulding married Jane Felch, daughter of Parker Felch, who witnessed the deed, and Hannah (Gould) Felch.  Jane was born April 2, 1833 at Piermont, New Hampshire.  Jane died in 1910; from her death record it appears that John survived her.

Parker Felch, Witness

Parker Felch was born I believe, November 21, 1808 at Sandwich, New Hampshire, son of Daniel and Mary (Smith) Felch.  About 1828, Parker married Hannah Gould, daughter of Amos and Rebecca (Perley) Gould.  As noted above, their daughter Jane married John Spaulding.

William H. Gannett, Witness and Justice of the Peace

According to a record in the collection New Hampshire, Death and Burial Records Index, 1654-1949, William Henry Gannett died of pneumonia at Bradford, Vermont, on May 20, 1895.  That record also notes that he was born about 1839 at Haverhill, New Hampshire, the son of William and Charlotte M. (Cross) Gannett.  On January 1, 1866 at Lisbon, New Hampshire, William Henry Gannett married Salome L. Knapp, daughter of Jehiel Knapp.

Their marriage record in the collection New Hampshire, Marriage and Divorce Records, 1659-1947 notes that William's birthplace was Coventry, Vermont.  Since that record was earlier, and William was then still alive, perhaps Coventry, Vermont, not Haverhill, New Hampshire, was his actual place of birth.

The 1870 Census of Haverhill, New Hampshire, gives William's occupation as "retired merchant", which seems odd for a man listed as age 31, but perhaps he had sold his business and was set financially or was farming, as his death record shows he was a farmer at the time of his death.

Henry H. Clark, Register of Deeds

According to a brief biography in the History of the Town of Haverhll, New Hampshire, Henry H. Clark came to Haverhill from Bath, New Hampshire, and was Register of Deeds for four years.  He spent many years as an educator and administrator.  He was born February 5, 1846 at Bath, New Hampshire, son of Joshua Thornton Clark and Julia Ann (Clark) Clark.  In 1878 Henry married Annie E. Babcock of Granville, Vermont.  Henry died in 1915 and Anna in 1920; they're buried in the Elmwood Cemetery at Franconia, New Hampshire.

If you have corrections and/or additions, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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