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1904 Letter from Rev. Thomas Guy Langdale at Epping, New Hampshire, to Cousin Belle

October 31, 1904 letter from Rev. Thomas Guy Langdale, a Congregational minister at Epping, New Hampshire, to his cousin Belle.

The letter consists of one sheet, approximately 9" by 5-3/4", with both sides used.  It's addressed to Cousin Belle and mentions "Mother" [presumably Rev. Langdale's mother Harriet Isabel (Megrue) Langdale, but possibly his mother-in law Mary Jane (Fowles) Pearce]; and "Cousin Helen".

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Thomas Guy Langdale was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, about October 1866, the son of Robert Hill Langdale and Harriet Isabel (Megrue) Langdale.  Rev. Langdale graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1887 and Chicago Theological Seminary in 1891.  Before Epping, New Hampshire, he ministered at Clark, South Dakota and in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  After his term at Epping, he returned to Massachusetts, at Salem, Haverhill and Lawrence.

On January 15, 1902, Rev. Langdale married Edith Houghton Pearce, daughter of Thomas H. Pearce and Mary Jane (Fowles) Pearce.  Rev. and Mrs. Langdale had at least one child, daughter Edith born in 1902.
Rev. Langdale died before 1930 or early that year, as implied from the 1930 Census, in which Edith described herself as a widow.  I haven't found his death date or his burial site.


Congregational Church
Epping, New Hampshire, October 31, 1904

Dear Cousin Belle:

A pleasant but much appreciated surprise came to me with the return of Mother after her good visit with you in the books so kindly put into my hands for use until called for by Cousin Helen.  I am particularly interested in reading books of the times represented by these which you send, partly because I have a natural liking for books that have the wisdom of years to commend them & partly because they give one an opportunity to see at first hand the forms great & abiding truths took in early days & to recognize how much we owe in the present to the thought & life of the past.

Though I have Edwards Works in Four Volumes embracing both "The History of Redemption" & "The Religious Affections" & have read both of them through I am specially glad to have them in separate volumes - as I profess to be a great admirer of Jonathan Edwards.

The other books so far as I know them at all, I know them by reputation & so value the possession of them all.

Please tell Cousin Helen that we are very sorry she cannot arrange at the present time to make us a visit.  When she is so situated that she can do so we hope she will let us know & we shall be glad to suit her convenience.

All at the Epping Parsonage send best wishes to you and yours.

Very sincerely yours,
T. G. Langdale

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  1. Thank you Pam for your great work that you do researching family herlums. I have cousins on the Graham side that are the 7 Graham brothers who has relocated from London somewhere there to Virginia. I have been searching every which way that I know how and not for surebut, I believe that it was king Arthur's children. I need a little help to find my family heritages on the Graham Family.

    1. Have you tried searching on It's free and has extensive record collections. Another possibility is, which is a subscriber service but is available for free at most libraries and at Family History Centers. If you are near a larger library or a Family History Center (run by the Mormon church and available in many locations throughout the US), there's the added benefit of someone to give you some pointers in your search. Good luck!

  2. I have been trying to sort out the parentage of Edith J Langdale. The best I can come up with is that she may have been a foster or adopted daughter of Rev Thomas G Langdale and his wife, Edith Pearce. In the 1910 census for Thomas and Edith it states that Edith had had no children, and there is no child in their household. In the 1920 census, Edith J Langdale is enumerated in their household and her relationship to the head of the household is given as his niece.