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1882 Document Where John B. Huckins of Madbury, New Hampshire, Promised to pay Aaron Young $16.90 plus Interest

Note:  A reader has left a comment noting that John B. Huckins and Aaron Young were cousins, the grandchildren of Clement Daniels and Esther (Danielson) Daniels.

April 29, 1882 handwritten document where John B. Huckins promised to pay Aaron Young the amount of $16.90 plus interest.  Nothing written on the reverse.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

John B. Huckins was presumably the John B. Huckins born October 9, 1827 at Madbury, New Hampshire, son of Robert Levi Huckins and Mary (Daniels) Huckins.  About 1851, as implied in the 1900 Census, this John married Mary A. Morrison.

 Mary was the daughter of Nehemiah Morrison and Mary (French) Morrison, according to a mention in the The History of the Morrison or Morison Family: The History of the Morison Or Morrison Family: With Most of the "Traditions of the Morrisons" (clan MacGillemhuire), Hereditary Judges of Lewis, by Capt. F. W. L. Thomas, of Scotland, and a Record of the Descendants of the Hereditary Judges to 1880. A Complete History of the Morison Settlers of Londonderry, N.H., of 1719, and Their Descendants, with Genealogical Sketches. Also, of the Brentwood, Nottingham, and Sanbornton, N.H. Morisons, and Branches of the Morisons who Settled in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Nova Scotia, and Descendants of the Morisons of Preston Grange, Scotland, and Other Families

Mary (Morrison) Huckins died in 1906, and John B. Huckins in 1912.  They're buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery at Barrington, New Hampshire.

Among the possible candidates for Aaron Young is the Aaron Young born June 16, 1827 at Barrington, New Hampshire, son of Aaron Young and Lydia (Daniels) Young.   On May 5, 1853 at Manchester, New Hampshire, as noted in a record from the collection New Hampshire Marriage Records, 1637-1947,  Aaron Young married Louisa Blaisdell Page, daughter of Deacon Osgood Page and Martha W. (Blaisdell) Page.  Louisa's birth record notes that she was born July 2, 1831 at Weare, New Hampshire.

A short biography of this Aaron Young, shown below, appeared in New Hampshire Men: A Collection of Biographical Sketches, with Portraits, of Sons and Residents of the State who Have Become Known in Commercial, Professional, and Political Life , compiled by George Higgins Moses and published in 1893.  Aaron worked at the Custom House at Portsmouth and as a special agent of the Treasury Department for New England.

Louisa died in 1893 and Aaron in 1903; they're buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery at Dover, New Hampshire.

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  1. Pam, Lydia Daniels (who was the mother of Aaron and Andrew Huckins Young, twins b Jun 16 1827) and Jacob Daniels were siblings, children of Clement Daniels and Esther Danielson. Jacob Daniels was the father of Mary Daniels who married Robert Levi Huckins, making Aaron Young and John B. Huckins cousins. Cheers, Beverly

    1. That you for this information! I'm amending the post and adding a note at the beginning to direct readers to your comment.