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c1900 Hunting Photograph of William A. Coombs and Sons Walter, Clarence and Edward; Middleborough and Lakeville, Massachusetts

c1900 photograph of a hunting party identified on the reverse as William Anthony Coombs and three of his seven sons: Walter, Clarence and Howard.  William lived in Middleborough, Massachusetts, and Lakeville, Massachusetts.  The identification was written by a child of William's sister.

William's birth record in the Massachusetts, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1626-2001, shows his name as William Addison Coombs.  Perhaps the niece or nephew was in error or perhaps William changed his name or went by a nickname that seemed to favor Anthony.

As for dating the photograph, readers' comments are requested.  Bear in mind that William died in 1912.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

William Addison Coombs was born March 6, 1837 at Middleborough, Massachusetts, the son of William Ainsworth Coombs and Hannah Coombs, whose maiden name, provided in other sources, was Hannah Bisbee.  On May 2, 1859, William Addison Coombs married Julia Ann Warren Bisbee, daughter of Alden Clark Bisbee and Nancy (Dunham) Bisbee.  Children of William Addison Coombs and Julia Ann Warren (Bisbee) Coombs, who include two sets of twins:
  1. Julia Eudora Coombs, born April 10, 1861 at Middleborough, Massachusetts
  2. William Egbert Coombs, born July 21, 1863 at Middleborough, Massachusetts
  3. Walter H. Coombs, born 1865, possibly the Coombs in the records with a birth date of February 6, 1865 at Middleborough, Massachusetts - pictured above
  4. Clarence E. Coombs, born October 31, 1866 at Middleborough, Massachusetts - pictured above
  5. Susan A. Coombs or Susan M. Coombs, born August 15, 1869 at Lakeville, Massachusetts
  6. Mary E. Coombs, born January 31, 1873 at Lakeville, Massachusetts
  7. Martin L. Coombs, born January 31, 1873 at Lakeville, Massachusetts
  8. Edward A. Coombs, born about July 1876 - pictured above
  9. Roy Clifton Coombs, born September 11, 1877 at Lakeville, Massachusetts
  10. Rex Clifford Coombs, born September 11, 1877 at Lakeville, Massachusetts
  11. Jessie W. Coombs, born August 9, 1880 at Lakeville, Massachusetts
William died in 1912 and Julia in 1915; they're buried in the Central Cemetery at Middleborough, Massachusetts.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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