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1883 Handwritten Receipt of Donation from Parsonage Committee of Congregational Church of Piermont, New Hampshire: Ford, Gould, Palmer, Gannett

February 26, 1883 handwritten receipt where two members of the Committee for Building Parsonage of the Congregational Church of Piermont, New Hampshire, acknowledged receipt of $1000 from Harriet Ford, administrator of the estate of Aaron P. Gould.  The two committee members were H. H. Palmer and William H. Gannett.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

Nothing written on the reverse.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Aaron Pressey Gould, Postmaster and Legislator, and Daughter Harriet (Gould) Ford

A record in the collection New Hampshire, Death and Burial Records Index, 1654-1949, indicates that Aaron P. Gould, age 74 and widowed, died in June 1882 at Piermont, New Hampshire.  A mention in the book The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield, by Benjamin Apthorp Gould and published in 1895, gives Aaron's birth date as March 29, 1808, his death date as June 25, 1882 and his middle name as Pressey.  He was the son of Amos and Rebecca P. Gould and was a postmaster at Piermont, New Hampshire.

Another death record in the collection New Hampshire, Death and Disinterment Records, 1754-1947 indicates that Aaron was born at Canaan, New Hampshire, and that he died of kidney disease.

A record in the collection Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908, shows that on January 1, 1833 at Bradford, Vermont, Aaron married Hannah Jackson.  An entry in History and Genealogy of the Perley Family, compiled by Martin Van Buren Perley and published in  1906, gives Hannah's parents as Jeremiah Jackson and Annie (Niles) Jackson.   Hannah died in 1881.

One of the children of Aaron Pressey Gould and Hannah Bennett (Jackson) Gould was Harriet Gould, born April 14, 1837, as noted in the excerpt above.  On October 24, 1860, Harriet married Edward Ford, born about 1833 at Orford, New Hampshire, son of Alden and Sally Ford.  Harriet herself would die on August 11, 1886 at Piermont, New Hampshire.

H. H. Palmer, presumably Henry H. Palmer: Farmer, Legislator

According to the New Hampshire, Death and Burial Records Index, 1654-1949, Henry H. Palmer, son of Elijah Palmer and Olive (Niles) Palmer, died at Piermont, New Hampshire, on January 5, 1904.  His birth date and place are given as August 1, 1823 at Orford, New Hampshire, in The Granite State Monthly, Volume 36 of 1904.

As noted in the excerpt, Henry married twice, first to Rosette Quint and second to Sabria E. (Brown) Bowles.  One of Henry's daughters with Rosette Quint, Christina Adelaide Palmer, became an artist of note.

William H. Gannett, merchant, farmer

According to a record in the collection New Hampshire, Death and Burial Records Index, 1654-1949, William Henry Gannett, who died of pneumonia at Bradford, Vermont, on May 20, 1895, was born about 1839 at Haverhill, New Hampshire, the son of William and Charlotte M. (Cross) Gannett.  On January 1, 1866 at Lisbon, New Hampshire, William Henry Gannett married Salome L. Knapp, daughter of Jehiel Knapp.  Their marriage record in the collection New Hampshire, Marriage and Divorce Records, 1659-1947 notes that William's birthplace was Coventry, Vermont.  Since that record was earlier, and William was then still alive, perhaps Coventry, Vermont, not Haverhill, New Hampshire, is his actual place of birth.

The 1870 Census of Haverhill, New Hampshire, gives William's occupation as "retired merchant", which seems odd for a man listed as age 31, but perhaps he had sold his business and was set financially or was farming, as his death record shows he was a farmer at the time of his death.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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