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21 Photographs of the Trefethen Family of Wilton, Maine, and Readfield, Maine

Collection of 21 photographs of the Trefethen family of Maine, including photographs taken at studios at:
  • Augusta, Maine
  • Dexter, Maine
  • Farmington, Maine
  • Lewiston, Maine
  • Portland, Maine
  • Waterville, Maine
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Northampton, Massachusetts
This is the family of Joseph Trefethen, born on Monhegan Island, Maine, in 1833, and his wife Susan Burnham (Webster) Trefethen, born in 1831 at Wilton, Maine.  They married at Wilton in 1854.  The collection includes:
  • a photograph of Joseph and Susan Burnham (Webster) Trefethen (above with son Fred Elburn Trefethen and his wife Addie Marcia (Bump) Trefethen and one of their children
  • photographs of adult children of Joseph Trefethen and Susan Burnham (Webster) Trefethen:  Henry Emerson Trefethen; Annie (Trefethen) Snow and Fred Elburn Trefethen
  • children and grandchildren of Henry Emerson Trefethen.
The people in the photograph at top, identified as Grandpa and Grandma Trefethen, with Uncle Fred and wife and child are, I believe, Joseph Trefethen, and his wife Susan Burnham (Webster) Trefethen.  The couple standing are presumably Addie Marcia (Bump) Trefethen and husband Fred Elburn Trefethen, son of Henry and Susan.  The photograph, which was taken at the Hammond studio at Lewiston, Maine, isn't dated, so I'm not sure which of their children is pictured, but perhaps their first child, Lovinia, born in 1885.  Their last child was born in 1899.

Photograph of Annie (Trefethen) Snow (1861-1946), daughter of Joseph Trefethen and Susan Burnham (Webster) Trefethen and wife of Clarence L. Snow; photograph by the studio of Leon Luce at Farmington, Maine.

Below, a photograph of Henry Emerson Trefethen, son of Joseph Trefethen and Susan Burnham (Webster) Trefethen; taken by the Preble studio at Waterville, Maine.  Henry was born at Wilton, Maine, on June 10, 1855.  He later taught at  Readfield, Maine, and lived his final years at Waterville, Maine, where he died in 1930.  

Henry married twice: 
  1. Alice Rosamund Porter of Mount Vernon, Maine, daughter of William and Sarah Porter; Henry and Alice had, I believe, seven children
  2. Mary Amanda Muzzy, daughter of Horace and Amanda Almeda (True) Muzzy; Henry and Mary Amanda had, I believe, two children.
Henry received B.A. and M.A. degrees from Wesleyan University at Middletown, Connecticut, in 1882 and 1885 respectively.  He taught at the Maine Wesleyan Seminary at Kents Hill at Readfield, Maine, and was principal there.  The Kents Hill School now occupies the campus of the former Maine Wesleyan Seminary.

Below, two identical photographs of Henry Emerson Trefethen's second wife Mary Amanda Muzzy - taken by the Purdy studio of 146 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

 Below, Alice Ruth Trefethen, daughter of Henry Emerson Trefethen and first wife Alice (Porter) Trefethen.  The photograph was taken at the Harry L. Plummer studio at Lewiston, Maine.  I'm not sure if Alice attended Bates College at Lewiston or not, but I do know that she attended Colby College at Waterville, Maine.

Three photographs of a young woman identified as Frances Esther Trefethen, plus another photo that appears to be Frances.  The photographs were taken at Waterville, Maine, and are possibly photographs taken on the occasion of Frances' graduation from Colby College.  Below, two of the identified photographs of Frances.

Three of the identified photographs depict people who may be living.  Other photographs are unidentified. The older unidentified photographs are shown below.

The two photographs below, in the same oversized format and jacket and taken at the Neal studio at Waterville, Maine, may depict a husband and wife.

If you are recognize anyone in the unidentified photographs, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  If you would like to see the photographs of the people who may still be living, please contact me.

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  1. Dear Pam

    Thank you for placing the pictures on the web. I had never seen any pictures of Joseph Trefethen and Susan Burnham Webster Trefethen. So I am very pleased to see them. I even recognized my Grandmother’s writing on the back of one of the picture of Frances Trefethen

    I believe the first unidentified picture in the set is again Henry Emerson Trefethen, my grandfather, as it appears to be the same or nearly the same as the very first picture of him in the set. The other unidentified pictures in the set I do not believe are of any family members.

    Are the Trefethen pictures for sale? I would be interested in purchasing them. My email is

    I thank you for all the work that has gone into the “Trefethens”. The information about my Grandfather, his two wives and 7 plus 2 children is correct. I shall share the information with my brothers and cousins.

    I do not understand nor recognize the "Profile" requested below so have selected anonymous as I can not seem to avoid choosing something.

    Bob Trefethen