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1865 Deed where Edward Ford Purchased Half of the Farm of his Parents, Alden and Sally Ford, at Orford, New Hampshire

September 27, 1865 deed where Edward Ford purchased, for $2000, half of the Orford, New Hampshire, farm of his parents, Alden Ford and Sally D. Ford, where they all lived.

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The deed was:
  • witnessed by L. E. Risley - Lewis E. Risley
  • witnessed by A. P. Gould, who was Edward Ford's father-in-law Aaron Pressey Gould, father of Edward's wife Harriet (Gould) Ford
  • signed in the presence of Justice of the Peace, L. E. Risley
  • recorded by Samuel M. Wright, Register of Deeds for Grafton County, New Hampshire.

Panel on the reverse with handwriting:  The writing at the bottom edge reads: "17-10-30 Paid"

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Alden Ford and Sally Dame (Phelps) Ford, Sellers

Alden Ford was born May 31, 1803 at Orford, New Hampshire, the son of Heman [or Hiram] Ford and Hannah (Rogers) Ford.  On April 8, 1829 at Orford, New Hampshire, Alden Ford married Sally Dame Phelps, daughter of Joel Phelps and Lydia (Dame) Phelps.

Alden and Sally had, I believe, four children, one of whom was Edward Ford, the buyer.

Edward Ford, Buyer

Edward Ford was born October 31, 1834 at Orford, New Hampshire, son of Alden Ford and Sally Dame (Phelps) Ford.  On October 24, 1860 at Bradford, Vermont, Edward Ford married Harriet Gould, daughter of Aaron Pressey Gould and Hannah Bennett (Jackson) Gould.  Aaron Pressey Gould was presumably the A. P. Gould who witnessed the deed.

Aaron Pressey Gould, Witness and Father-in-Law of Edward Ford

Aaron Pressey Gould was born March 29, 1808 at Canaan, New Hampshire, son of Amos and Rebecca (Perley) Gould.  On January 1, 1833 at Bradford, Vermont, Aaron Pressey Gould married Hannah Bennett Jackson.  Their daughter Harriet, who was born on April 14, 1837 at Piermont, New Hampshire, married buyer Edward Ford in 1860.

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Lewis E. Risley, Witness and Justice of the Peace

Lewis Edson Risley was born June 11, 1824 at Hanover, New Hampshire, son of Asa Risley and Seviah (Kendrick) Risley.  On February 20, 1849, Lewis Edson Risley married Emily Jane Gay Evans, daughter of Robert Evans and Mary Orne (Tucker) Evans.  Lewis owned a marble processing business.  The Risley family had been stonecutters for several generations.  The Risley papers, which include documents, correspondence, accounts, gravestone records and epitaphs, etc., are held at the Rauner Special Collections Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.  Among the papers is a handwritten genealogy of the Risley family compiled by Lewis Edson Risley himself about 1890, from which I gathered some of the dates and facts in this paragraph.

Samuel M. Wright, Register of Deeds for Grafton County, New Hampshire

Hopefully a reader will provide information on Samuel M. Wright.  He may have been Samuel Moody Wright born June 18, 1835 at Holderness, New Hampshire, the son of Samuel and Mary Ann Wright.

If you have corrections and/or additions to any of the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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