Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old Clipping: Stony Beach Coast Guard rescues Dog, Hull, Massachusetts

Old newspaper clipping about a dog rescue off the Hull, Massachusetts shore.

Stony Beach Coast Guards Rescue Dog Off the Hull Shore

HULL, April 6 - Coast guards from the Stony Beach Station joined the ranks of Animal Rescue leaguers yesterday morning when a small dog owned by William F. Marshall, member of the local police force, was saved from drowning in mid-channel between the Hull shore and the outer islands.

The animal in some manner became frightened and suddenly was seen to start up the road at break-neck speed.  When opposite the life-saving station, it turned toward the beach and began swimming toward Boston Light.  When in midstream he began to yelp.

A small dory was launched by [cut off] Pierce and Oliver Pickford members of the coast guard, who rowed [cut off] pulled the dog into the boat.

After a good shake and a roll in the sand, the animal trotted slowly [cut off] road toward home.

I found a reference online to a Lt. Oliver Pickford, Coast Guard, who was the first commanding officer of the Coast Guard-manned Army vessel FS-159, commissioned 17 May 1944 at Los Angeles, California.

I found a William F. Marshall born about 1898 in the 1930 Census, living in Hull, Massachusetts, with wife Roberta and children.  There's also a William F. Marshall, a generation older, perhaps the father, living in Gloucester, Massachustts with wife Florence.  And I found a William F. Marshall in the area, born about 1907.  I'm not seeing police work as an occupation for any of them, at least not on the dates of the enumerations.  Perhaps you have some insights?  If so, please let me know.

Hopefully this clipping has some meaning for you - thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I think this was my grandfather, William F Marshall Sr. He was a Hull policeman and lived in the village. He passed away in 1976.