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Group Photo of the Family of Hiram B. Hawes, St. Albans, Maine

Wonderful old photograph of the family of Hiram Bradford Hawes of St. Albans, Maine.  

Shown, from left to right, are Charles Moore, Charles Hawes, Hiram Hawes, Manter Wright, Mary Hawes and Lewis Wright.  The photograph has some notations on the back that indicate they were made by a son or daughter of Charles F. and Sarah Frances (Hawes) Moore: Ethel, Charles, Arthur or Etta.

Charles Moore, above, born about August1861 at St. Albans, Maine, son of Samuel and Betsey (Moulton) Moor/Moore; married Hiram's daughter Sarah Frances Hawes about 1890.  Sarah died in 1921, and Charles married widow May (Moulton) Willard on 17 March 1923.  May died 4 April 1928, and Charles subsequently married Charlotte Dorr of Pittston on 28 April 1929.

Charles Hiram Hawes was the son of Hiram Bradford Hawes and Sarah Clough (Vining) Hawes.   He was born 30 December 1846 at St. Albans, Maine, and died there on 28 March 1925.  He married 1) Sarah F.  Miller, who died in 1871; 2) Sarah's sister Maria Shaw Miller, 1873, from whom he was divorced in 1895; and 3) Mary Esther Glidden,  in 1896. 

Hiram Bradford Hawes, according to his death record, was born in 5 May 1817, at Albion, Maine, the son of Nathaniel and Margaret (Evans) Hawes.   He died 16 January 1912 at St. Albans, Maine.

Manter Wright, spelled Manta on the reverse of the photograph, was the son of Hiram's daughter Maria Fowler Hawes and her husband George A. Wright.  

The woman above is presumably Mary Esther (Glidden) Hawes, third wife of Charles Hiram Hawes.  She was born at St. Albans, Maine, on 7 October 1854, the daughter of Calvin Seldon Glidden and Olive (Stewart) Glidden.

 Lewis Wright, who gave the name Lewis Manter Wright and birthdate of 30 Nov 1891 on his WWI draft registration card, was the son of Manter Wright and his wife Eva.

Update of 31 January 2013.  I've been contacted by someone who purchased another photograph of the Hawes family and who has graciously allowed me to reproduce it here.

The identification on the reverse:  "The Old Hawes Home, St. Albans, Me.
Jane Waldron, Clarissa Plummer
Hiram Hawes (sisters and brother), Ellen Hawes Moore
Abbie Hawes Southard, seated
Charles Moore, Lora Plummer, S. Frances H. Moore
Rev. Charles Southard, standing

St. Albans, Maine

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