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c. 1895 Group Photograph of Identified Students, Dexter, Maine

Circa 1895 photograph of a group of students that I believe attended school in Dexter, Maine.   Click on the photograph to view it in its entirety.

Thankfully, the students are identified, but the rows are uneven, making fitting the ID to the student a bit difficult in some cases.  

Dexter is in Penobscot County, not far from Bangor, Dover-Foxcroft and Newport.  

In order to date the photo, I checked the 1900 Census for Dexter, Maine, for the boys in the front row at extreme left and extreme right.  The boy at left is Brett Morse, shown with a birth date of April 1888.  The boy at right is Harold Small, shown with a birth date of August 1887.  

Front Row [I'm assuming from left to right] -  Brett Morse, Norman Brown, Earl Parsons, Karl Morse, Charles Dustin, Arthur Small, Harold Small

Second Row - Gertrude Burns, Edna Carr, Angie Ryan, June Parsons, Charles Ryan, Morris Dustin, George Potter, Bill Haines, Marion Small

Third Row - Louise Hatch, Hattie Young, Ola Bailey, Inez Dustin, Minnie Thompson, Grace Moore, Edith Hall, Maude Kimball

Fourth Row - Clara Hughes, Emma Giles, Mamie Gove, Eva Witherell, Susan Eldridge, Ethel Pooler, Mamie Wheeler

Just for grins and giggles, I went to the excellent Maine Marriage History online database at the Maine State Archives.  Here are marriages with similar names to our students, where either bride or groom or both gave Dexter as their residence - take it with a grain of salt:

Earl F. Parson, Dexter to Minnie Gilbert, Dexter, 24 Dec 1913
Earl F. Parsons, Dexter, to Gladys N. Hamilton, Dexter, 12 Jan 1920

Harold F. Small, Dexter, to Doris D. Blethen, Foxcroft, 3 Apr 1920

Edna A. Carr, Dexter, to James W. Clark, Garland, 25 Nov 1915

Angie G. Ryan, Dexter, to Archie C. Moore, Corinna, 14 Jan 1915

June M. Parsons, Dexter, to Harry W. Young, Dexter, 25 Jun 1913

Charles L. Ryan, Dexter,  to Agnes E. Chisholm, Dexter, 10 Nov 1915

Bill Haines - there's a listing for a Frank W. Haines, Dexter, who married Winifred B. Beverly of Machias, 22 Sep 1919.  Could this be our Bill?

Marion Small, Dexter, to Willis G. Haseltine, Dexter, 15 Nov 1905

Louise Hatch, Newport, to Clifford A. Stevens, Dexter, 18 Aug 1926

Hattie V. Young, North Newport, to Frank B. Arnold, Dexter, 7 Nov 1906

Ola F. Bailey, Old Town, to Ralph H. Fifield, 17 Mar 1908

Inez W. Dustin, Dexter, to Ernest D. Blaisdell, Dexter, 27 Jun 1906

Minnie G. Thompson, Dexter, to Charles N. Marsh, Ripley, 31 Dec 1901

Grace L. Moore, Dexter, to Arthur P. Weymouth, Somerville, Massachusetts, 16 Sep 1908

Maude M. Kimball, Dexter, to Harold M. Wilson, Brunswick, 23 Feb 1912

Clara Hayden, Dexter, to Harry M. Crossland, Dexter, 6 Jun 1906

Emma M. Giles, Dexter, to Charles J. Clukey, Dexter, 7 Aug 1905

Eva Witherell, Dexter, to Pearl H. Randall, Dexter, 20 May 1901

Ethel Pooler, Dexter, to George S. Lincoln, Dexter, 7 Jun 1927

I hope that you've enjoyed this photograph from the past.  Perhaps you've even found an ancestor or two in it - if so, I'd love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by!

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