Friday, June 25, 2010

c. 1895 Group Photograph of Identified Students, Dexter, Maine

Circa 1895 photograph of a group of students that I believe attended school in Dexter, Maine.   

Thankfully, the students are identified, but the rows are uneven, making fitting the ID to the student a bit difficult in some cases.  

In order to date the photo, I checked the 1900 Census for Dexter, Maine, for the boys in the front row at extreme left and extreme right.  The boy at left is Brett Morse, shown with a birth date of April 1888.  The boy at right is Harold Small, shown with a birth date of August 1887.  

Front Row [I'm assuming from left to right] -  Brett Morse, Norman Brown, Earl Parsons, Karl Morse, Charles Dustin, Arthur Small, Harold Small

Second Row - Gertrude Burns, Edna Carr, Angie Ryan, June Parsons, Charles Ryan, Morris Dustin, George Potter, Bill Haines, Marion Small

Third Row - Louise Hatch, Hattie Young, Ola Bailey, Inez Dustin, Minnie Thompson, Grace Moore, Edith Hall, Maude Kimball

Fourth Row - Clara Hughes, Emma Giles, Mamie Gove, Eva Witherell, Susan Eldridge, Ethel Pooler, Mamie Wheeler

From the Maine Marriages database:
  • Earl F. Parson, Dexter to Minnie Gilbert, Dexter, 24 Dec 1913; Earl F. Parsons, Dexter, to Gladys N. Hamilton, Dexter, 12 Jan 1920
  • Harold F. Small, Dexter, to Doris D. Blethen, Foxcroft, 3 Apr 1920
  • Edna A. Carr, Dexter, to James W. Clark, Garland, 25 Nov 1915
  • Angie G. Ryan, Dexter, to Archie C. Moore, Corinna, 14 Jan 1915
  • June M. Parsons, Dexter, to Harry W. Young, Dexter, 25 Jun 1913
  • Charles L. Ryan, Dexter,  to Agnes E. Chisholm, Dexter, 10 Nov 1915
  • Bill Haines - there's a listing for a Frank W. Haines, Dexter, who married Winifred B. Beverly of Machias, 22 Sep 1919.  Could this be Bill?
  • Marion Small, Dexter, to Willis G. Haseltine, Dexter, 15 Nov 1905
  • Louise Hatch, Newport, to Clifford A. Stevens, Dexter, 18 Aug 1926
  • Hattie V. Young, North Newport, to Frank B. Arnold, Dexter, 7 Nov 1906
  • Ola F. Bailey, Old Town, to Ralph H. Fifield, 17 Mar 1908
  • Inez W. Dustin, Dexter, to Ernest D. Blaisdell, Dexter, 27 Jun 1906
  • Minnie G. Thompson, Dexter, to Charles N. Marsh, Ripley, 31 Dec 1901
  • Grace L. Moore, Dexter, to Arthur P. Weymouth, Somerville, Massachusetts, 16 Sep 1908
  • Maude M. Kimball, Dexter, to Harold M. Wilson, Brunswick, 23 Feb 1912
  • Clara Hayden, Dexter, to Harry M. Crossland, Dexter, 6 Jun 1906
  • Emma M. Giles, Dexter, to Charles J. Clukey, Dexter, 7 Aug 1905
  • Eva Witherell, Dexter, to Pearl H. Randall, Dexter, 20 May 1901
  • Ethel Pooler, Dexter, to George S. Lincoln, Dexter, 7 Jun 1927

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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