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1922 Memento of Initiation Banquet, Kolony Club, possibly Massachusetts Agricultural College

Memento for a November 25, 1922 Initiation Banquet of the Kolony Klub at Draper Hall.  From a bit of online research, I think this piece is related to the Massachusetts Agricultural College at Amherst, Massachusetts, which later became the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

The piece is approx. 15" x 5-1/2", one sheet, and I have scanned it in four sections.  Images 1 and 2 are the front side; images 3 and 4 are the reverse.

This piece apparently belonged to A. Gustafson, whose name appears in handwriting at top front.  The front shows the elements of a sumptuous meal enjoyed by all, along with the Program and Names of Initiates.  The reverse is covered with autographs of participants.


Toastmaster, Jan K. Ross
Welcome to Initiates, Al Crandall
Response, Clarence Tuiffs [autograph might possibly be Clarence Turffs as the "i" isn't dotted]
For the Club, Richard Case
For the Alumni, Gerald Haskins
For the Faculty, Prof. John Phelan

Harold M. Schnitzer
Forrest M. Wales
Wallace D. Walker
Albert F. Caron
Elisha N. Pierce
Owen Shepard, Jr. [autograph shows Owen Shepherd, Jr.]
John A. Cruick
Francis J. McNamara
Wallace F. Garret
Howard W. Aiken
William M. Tufts

Arthur E. Briggs
Clifford A. Price
Leonard M. Higgins
Clarence J. Tuiffs [see notation above]
Louie Lauterback [autograph seems to show Louis J. Lauterbach]
Ernest J. Huntley
Charles O. Dennan
Wilfred Eastwood
Arthur P. Prentice
Brierly Field
George R. Peaslie
Lester M. Conklin
Karl A. Giesler [autograph shows Carl D. Giessler - could be another person?]
Stanley J. Hazen
Walter E. Stover
Rudolph B. Paulson
Albert B. Cole
Miller J. Patterson [autograph shows Millard J. Patterson]
Alfred W. MacFayden  [autograph shows Alfred W. MacFadyen]
Michael F. Tobin

More people autographed the program than are shown in the printed list.   Apparently there are some errors in the spelling of the printed names, judging from the autographs - see notations above.  I may have missed some errors.

Hopefully you will find this memento meaningful.  Thanks for stopping by!
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