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Cabinet Photo of Annie Gertrude Crooker, wife of Walter Purinton, Maine

Cabinet Photograph of Annie Gertrude Crooker; no photographer's imprint.  The identification on the reverse gives an additional clue: Annie is Ernest's mother.

Note: I first read her name as Amie Gertrude Crooker, but all records online point to Annie Gertrude Crooker.  If her name was really Amie, I hope that a reader will let me know.  Thanks.

Based on the clue, and the fact that the photograph was purchased in Maine, this young lady is most likely the  Annie Gertrude Crooker who married Walter Elisha Purinton, with whom she had sons Ernest Augustus Purinton and Harold Crooker Purinton.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Annie Gertrude Crooker was born 24 June 1867 at Bath, Maine, the daughter of Charles S. Crooker, a Civil War veteran from Bath, and his wife Mary A. (possibly Allen), about whom I haven't yet learned more.  Annie's paternal grandparents were Isaac and Judith (Noble) Crooker.

About 1890, Annie married Walter Elisha Purinton, who was born about 1868 at Lewiston, Maine, the son of Stephen O. Purinton and his wife Alice M. (Purinton) Purinton.  His paternal grandparents were Stephen and Susan (Green) Purinton.  His maternal grandparents were Elisha and Deborah (Brown) Purinton.  The Purintons had many ministers among its numbers, including Walter and his father Stephen O.

 After their marriage, Walter and Annie lived in Rumford Falls, Maine, according to the 1900 Census, and South Portland, Maine, according to the 1910 Census.  Walter died at Lewiston, Maine, on 28 May 1915.

I haven't found Annie Gertrude (Crooker) Purinton in the 1920 Census, but in 1930 she was living at Brunswick, Maine, with her mother Mary.  Annie died in 1933.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

For more information, see the page at the Maine & Maritime Canada genealogy network for Annie Gertrude (Crooker) Purinton and Walter Elisha Purinton.

Both Annie and Walter had strong ties to Sagadahoc County, Maine, which includes Bath, Maine.  A map of Sagadahoc County, Maine:

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