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1914-1915 School Directory of Rockland, Maine

Booklet describing the Rockland, Maine schools for the school year 1914-1915. 
The booklet opens with a listing of the School Committee for the season and their meeting schedule.

School Committee
Mayor Philip Howard, Chairman ex-officio, 22 Brewster Street
C. F. Simmons, 1915, 21 Middle Street
F. B. Miller, 1915, 32 School Street
H. E. Gribbin, 1916, 9 Claremont Street
H. A. Buffum, 1916, 22 Grove Street
C. Doherty, 1917, 12 Grove Street
Jesse A. Tolman, 1917, 20 Camden Street

Philip Howard, Chairman, ex-officio
G. A. Stuart, Superintendent of Schools and Secretary of the School Board

Standing Committees
Text Books and Course of Study - H. E. Gribbin, C. F. Simmons, H. A. Buffum
Teachers - C. F. Simmons, F. B. Miller C. Doherty
Estimates and Expenditures - C. Doherty, H. E. Gribbin, C. F. Simmons
Rules and Regulations - C. Doherty, H. A. Buffum, Jesse Tolman
Safety - H. A. Buffum, F. B. Miller H. E. Gribbin

The next two pages list the teachers throughout Rockland schools

High School Teachers
Anna E. Coughlin, 139 Rankin Street
Nellie B. Michels, 79 Summer Street
George F. Dickenson, 52 Summer Street
Anna W. Cobb, 12 Middle Street
Henrietta H. Hall, 79 Summer Street
Gwendolyn G. Perry, 64 North Main Street
Lloyd B. Ham, 36 Grove Street
Hazel E. Woodward, 79 Summer Street

McLain School Teachers
Mrs. E. D. Snow, Grade IX, 88 Camden Street
Blanche E. Smith, Grade IX, 42 Crescent Street
Mary C. Tyler, Grade VIII, 92 Camden Street
Helen Dalzell, Grade VIII, 64 Mechanic Street
Elizabeth K. O'Donnell, Grades VII & VIII, 90 Broad Street
Martha S. Bartlett, Grade VII, 11 Ocean Street
Eleanor L. Griffith, Grade VII, 22 Grace Street
Frances H. Butler, Grades III and IV, RFD No 1
Florence M. Thomas, Grade II, 8 Spruce Street
Martha A. Hall, Grade I, 215 Middle Street

Purchase Street School Teachers
Emma G. Shields, Grave VI, 76 Broad Street
Ellen J. Cochrane, Grade V, 35 Ocean Street
A. Josephine Thorndike, Grade IV, 32 Masonic Street
Maud Smith, Grade III, 42 Crescent Street
Anna M. Hall, Grade II, 28 Linden Street
Edith M. Hall, Grade I, 48 Grace Street

Tyler School Teachers
M. Lena Miller, Grade VI, 63 Grace Street
Anna Coombs, Grade V, 289 Broadway
Ethel R. Fitch, Grade IV, 28 Warren Street
Gertrude Knowlton, Grade III, 216 Limerock Street
Cora E. Hall, Grade II, 2 Pine Street
Ida M. Winslow, Grade I, 17 Traverse Street

Grace Street School Teachers
Margaret Buttomer, Grade VI, 11 Crescent Street
Mary Ball, Grade V, 36 Grove Street

Crescent Street School Teachers
E. Aldana Coleman, Grades I & II, 79 Broad Street
Helen Sullivan, Grades III and IV, Highlands

Highland School Teacher
Monira C. McIntosh, Highlands

Benner Hill School Teacher
Sadie Benner, Benner Hill

Music Teacher
Margaret G. Ruggles, Thomaston

Drawing Teacher
Lena F. Cleveland, Camden

Domestic Science Teacher
Anna E. Webster, 79 Summer Street

Manual Training Teacher
Walter G. Taylor, 185 Broadway

Penmanship Teacher
George F. Dickenson, 52 Summer Street

The next page lists janitors at the various schools; the school calendar; storm signals; and the schedule for Drawing instruction.

McLain Building, 32 Lisle Street, J. T. Lothrop
High School, 120 Limerock Street, J. W. Titus
Warren Street, 18 Birch Street, W. P. Cook
Purchase Street, 11 Ocean Street, Joshua Bartlett
Grace Street, 28 Suffolk Street, Cyrus Gahan
Crescent Street, 11 Crescent Street, John Buttomer
Highlands, Highlands, George Cox
Benner Hill, Mountain Road, Mrs. Blanche Jones

The next two pages list the schedule for Music and Mechanical Drawing and Manual Training

The next two pages of text list the schedule for Penmanship and Domestic Science

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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