Monday, June 7, 2010

1897 Photograph of Fancy House by Ashfield Massachusetts studio

1897 photograph of a beautiful house with double storey front porch and offset barn, perhaps attached, in the background.  Three figures stand in front of the house, possibly Mama and her son and daughter.

The photograph was taken by A. W. and G. E. Howes, Photographers, Ashfield, Massachusetts.  Ashfield is located in western Massachusetts, in Franklin County.  There's an indication on reverse that this photograph was taken in 1897, and there's also an intriguing handwritten notation: "2 Depot".

I wonder if this house was located on 2 Depot Street?  I know there's a Depot Street in Pittsfield, and there may be others in the area, including possibly Ashfield itself.

I hope this memento has some significance for you.  If you have any insights into the location of the house and its possible occupants in 1897, please let me know.

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