Sunday, June 20, 2010

1910 Photograph Album of Maine Family, Farm, Boating, Horses

Wonderful photograph album, approx. 5-1/2" x 4-1/2", with "Maine 1910" written on inside front cover.  It makes me wonder if someone possibly made the album as a result of a trip back from out of state to the home farm in Maine.  Some of the pages of the album have been cut out, and some of the photographs appear to have been removed, with partial success.

The album is filled with wonderful photographs of Maine people, farm(s), horses, lakes and possibly the seashore.  Identification is maddeningly skimpy, with no surnames or places names given.   My only hope is that someone will recognize some of the given names and the horse's name, and perhaps a nickname "Spider". 

The first photograph in the album shows a man standing in front of his barn and attached shed.  There's a wagon wheel in the foreground and a buckboard in the background, with what appears to be a cistern next to the man.

The next photograph has been torn away, with only an unrecognizable portion remaining and the name "Hazel" off to the right.

The next photograph shows a man doing chores, with the caption "Caught".

The next page, not shown, has the remnant of the back ply of a photograph, identified as "Bud".  Whether Bud is man or beast, I have no idea.

The next photograph shows a man and his horse, a light horse, not a draft horse, with the amusing caption "Two Animals, a lamb & horse".

The next photograph is of the same man and horse, with the caption "Sam & Speedy".

The next photograph shows two men doing farm chores, with the caption "Dick & Sam"

The next photograph is a repeat of the first one, with the caption "The Boss"

The next photograph shows a man in the barn doorway, captioned "Dick"

The next photograph shows a man working his two-horse team in the field; captioned "Dick & Team".  Again, the horses look more like light horses than draft types.

The next photograph shows people and a couple of boats.  The caption looks like "Two Sights", but I wonder if it is "Two Lights", which is a lighthouse, a popular picnicking spot in Cape Elizabeth, in Cumberland County, Maine.  What do you think?

The next photograph shows three people in the water, perhaps at the same site as the previous photograph; captioned "Picnic".

The next photograph is captioned "Boating".

The next photograph is partially removed and damaged.  What remains is a woman dressed in white with fancy hat.  The caption is, intriguingly, "Spider".  Was there something else relating to a spider in the missing portion of the photograph, or is "Spider" the nickname of the lady or perhaps of a pet, now unseen?

The next photograph shows cows in a pasture.

The next photograph shows a team of horses pulling some kind of machinery.  Hay-making machinery, perhaps?

The next photograph show a young woman, with a tent in the background; no caption.

The next photograph shows a young woman in white sitting in a stone or log; no caption.

 The next photograph shows the only winter scene in the album; a woman in her hat and coat; no caption.

The last photograph shows a child sitting on a ladder propped up against a tree.

If these photographs with their skimpy captions remind you of a particular Maine family, I would most appreciate hearing from you.   

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