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1934 Lenten Services, Tremont Temple, Boston, Massachusetts - names of Preachers & Singers

1934 program for Lenten Services, February 14 to March 30 at Tremont Temple, Lorimer Hall, Boston.  Prominent Preachers, Splendid Singers.

Accompanist: Howard L. Stimmel
Head Usher: Dr. Mark H. Ward

Greater Boston Federation of Churches

February 14, Wed: Rev. Samuel M. Lindsay, Baptist Church, Brookline; Quartet of Church

February 15, Thurs: Rev. Robert Watson, Sec'y Lord's Day League of N. E.; Edward MacHugh, Tenor

February 16, Fri: Rev. James Whitcomb Brougher, Tremont Temple Baptist Church; William M. Weigle, Baritone

February 19, Mon: Rev. Boynton Merrill, Second Church (Cong'l), W. Newton: Bertha Putney Dudley, Contralto

February 20, Tues: Rev. Phillips E. Osgood, Emmanuel Church (Epis.), Boston; Franklin G. Field, Baritone

February 21, Wed: Bishop Charles Wesley Burns, Methodist Episcopal Church, N. E. Area; Nadia Mihailovska, Soprano

February 22, Thu: Rev. Rusell Henry Stafford, Old South Church (Cong'l), Boston; Allan Hay, Baritone

February 23, Fri: Rev. A. Z. Conrad, Park Street Church (Cong'l), Boston; Harriet Hemenway, Contralto

February 26, Mon: Rev. Ewart Edmund Turner, American Church, Berlin, Germany; Hatty May Nash, Soprano

February 27, Tue: Rev. Charles N. Arbuckle, First Baptist Church, Newton; Chester Sargent, Tenor

February 28, Wed: Rev. Charles E. Park, First Church (Unitarian), Boston; Theo Carreiro, Baritone

March 1, Thu: Rev. Rex S. Clements, Church of the Covenant, Boston; Organist and Trio from Church

March 2, Fri: Rev. Nathan Wood, President, Gordon College of Theol. & Missions; Mixed and Instrumental Quartets

March 5, Mon: Rev. John Haynes Holmes, Community Church, New York; William B. Sexton, Tenor

March 6, Tue: Rev. Henry K. Bartow, Christ Church (Epis.), Quincy; Edwin Lorrie, Baritone

March 7, Wed: Rev. Everett C. Herrick, President, Andover-Newton Theol. Seminary; Richard I. McKinney, Bass

March 8, Thu: Colonel Joseph Atkinson, Salvation Army, N.E. Area; Salvation Army Brass Quartet

March 9, Fri: Rev. Antony Regamey, Church of the New Jerusalem, Boston; Mary E. Mader, Soprano

March 12, Mon: Rev. Andrew Richard, Second Church (Cong'l), Dorchester; Annie Laurie Rider, Soprano

March 13, Tue: Rev. L. W. C. Emig, Newtonville Methodist Church; Jane Briggs, Soprano

March 14, Wed: Very Rev. Philemon F. Sturges, St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston; Gwendolyn Morton, Soprano

March 15, Thu: Rev. Arthur Lee Kinsolving, Trinity Church (Epis.), Boston; Donald Blackie, Soprano

March 16, Fri: Rev. William S. Mitchell, Centre Methodist Church, Malden; Evelyn Duncanson, Soprano

March 19, Mon: Rev. S. S. Drury, Head Master, St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H.; Joseph M. James, Baritone

March 20, Tue: Rev. George E. Leighton, First Universalist Ch., Somerville; Madelyne Roffe, Soprano; Mrs. Louis H. Smith, Contralto

March 21, Wed: Rt. Rev. Henry K.Sherrill, Bishop of the Diocese of Mass; Hilda Knight, Soprano

March 22, Thu: Rev. William L. Stidger, Church of All Nations (Meth.), Boston, Prof. B. U. Sch. of Theology; Ben Redden, Tenor

March 23, Fri: Rev. Lynn J. Radcliffe, College Ave., Meth. Ch., Somerville; Grace M. Williams, Soprano

March 26, Mon: Rev. W. Quay Rosselle, First Baptist Church, Malden; Quartet of Church

March 27, Tue: Dean Vaughan Dabney, Andover-Newton Theol. Seminary; Andover-Newton Chapel Choir

March 28, Wed: Rev. Dwight Bradley, First Church (Cong'l), Newton; Mrs. R. B. MacKnight, Contralto

March 29, Thu: Rev. L. O. Hartman, Editor and Manager, Zion's Herald; James R. Houghton, Baritone

March 30 GOOD FRIDAY (12 to 3 P.M.)

12:00 Rev. James Whitcomb Brougher, Tremont Temple Baptist Church; James R. Houghton, Soloist

12:30 Rev. Clarence W. Dunham, Pilgrim Church (Cong'l), Dorchester

12:55 Rev. William Wallace Rose, First Universalist Church, Lynn

1:20 Rev. Sven G. Youngert, Swedish Evang. Luth. Ch., Waltham

1:45: Rev. William R. Leslie, St. Mark's Meth. Church, Brookline

2:10 Rev. F. King Singiser, First Baptist Church, Watertown

2:35 Rev. Raymond Calkins, First Church (Cong'l), Cambridge

What an amazing program throughout the Lenten season!

Hopefully you will find this memento of interest.  Thanks for stopping by!
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