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1910 RPPC of Daniel Tracy, Cherryfield, Maine

This real photo postcard of Daniel Tracy was found with another that shows his daughter Edith and her husband Frank Winslow and friends Edgar and Sybil Leighton.  That photo is the subject of a another post.

Researching online, I found the following information on Daniel Tracy and his family.  I hope what I've found is correct, and I'd welcome any corrections or additions you might have.  The Tracy name is sometimes spelled Tracey.

Daniel Tracy was born in Cherryfield, Maine, on 12 May 1853, the son of Eli S. and Diadama E. (Smith) Tracy.  He married Julia S. Higgins in 1878.   I haven't been able to find the parents of Julia S. Higgins.  One online source says she was born in Cooper, Maine, but no parents are given.  Another source claims that her father was Nathan Cooper.

Daniel and Julia had three daughters, Edith E., Edna Martha and Etta B.

I can't find Daniel and Julia in the 1880 Census.  In the 1900 Census, Daniel listed his occupation as woodsman.  In the 1910 Census he listed his occupation is listed as laborer, woods and river.   Information online shows that Daniel died in 1920, perhaps before the Census for that year was enumerated.

The Maine Marriages database shows that an Edith E. Tracey of Cherryfield married Frank H. Winslow of Rockland on 22 Aug 1901.  The next record I could find of Edith, the 1930 Census, shows her living in the household of Albert Tracy.  The Maine Marriages database shows that an Edith E. Winslow and Alford L. Tracy married on 17 Jun 1930.  What had happened to Frank, I do not know.  Check a subsequent post for a photograph of Edith and Frank in happier times.

Also on the Maine Marriages database is a 29 March 1904 marriage between Etta B. Tracey and Frank C. Clark of Cherryfield.  By the 1920 Census, Etta indicated that she is a widow, with 6 daughters.  She wasn't able to care for all of her daughters, and some were placed out.  I had a heartwarming note from an in-law who is working to connect Etta's descendants.

If you have any information to add to my understanding of the Tracy/Tracey and Higgins families, I would most appreciate hearing from you.  

A map of Cherryfield, Maine, in Washington County:

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  1. Daniel is one of my distant Uncles.

  2. Thank you for commenting, George. It's so rewarding to hear from relatives!