Friday, April 1, 2022

10 Photographs of the Day and Coe Families of Connecticut + Smith of Boston, Massachusetts

10 photographs of the Day and Coe families of Connecticut and 2 identical group photographs that include Edw. Smith and wife of Boston, Massachusetts

Most of the photographs have a connection to Harriet (Day) Coe (1828-1909), wife of Philander Parmelee Coe (1823-1909) of Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut.

The photograph above, about 7" long in a mat that is 10" long, depicts, according to the identification on the reverse, below, Harriet Day's brother, whose first name I can't make out, born in Norwalk, Connecticut. He may have been Edw?

Two other similarly sized photographs depict Harriet's brother Francis W. Day (1843-1919), "Frank", and another brother, whose first name I can't make out, possibly nickname Nuha, Day, young men at the time they were photographed.  

The other 7 photographs:
  • 2 identical group photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Ed? Smith of Boston, Massachusetts, her sister and his mother Mrs. Sarhar [Sarah ?] Smith, aunt to George Coe [son of Harriet (Day) Coe and Philander Parmelee Coe] with slightly different captions
  • Francis W. Day (1843-1919), "Frank" - cabinet photograph; middle-aged
  • George Day - cabinet photograph - brother to Harriet (Day) Coe; middled aged
  • Edward or Edmund Day, cabinet photograph - brother to Harriet (Day) Coe, possibly the same man pictured at top but in middle age
  • Olive Coe at age 10, Lampher Street, West Haven, Connecticut; Harriet (Day) Coe's granddaughter
  • Winifred Coe (1918-1984) as a baby - Harriet (Day) Coe's great granddaughter 

If you have information to share on the Day, Coe and/or Smith families of Connecticut and Massachusetts, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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