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19th Century Research of Mary Jane (Clark) Wadley & Cousins of their Appleton, Clark, Conant, Hollis, Morrill, Wadley/Wadleigh & White Ancestors; DAR

19th century handwritten research, including correspondence, lines of descent, trees and copies of applications to the Daughters of the American Revolution. Presumably the papers of Mary Jane (Clark) Wadley (1832-1921), a Massachusetts native living in Georgia.

The paper pictured at top is the back page of a letter from Appleton Prentiss Clark (1826-1909) on the stationery of his son, attorney Allen C. Clark in Washington, D.C. to his [presumably second] cousin Mary Jane (Clark) Wadley (1832-1921), with genealogy on their shared Clark ancestors, including Revolutionary War Captain John Clark (1730-1816) and wife Elizabeth (Norcross) Clark (1730-unk).

People and lines of descent include:
  • Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Appleton of Cambridge, Massachusetts, whose church was attended by General George Washington
  • Clark line, including Revolutionary War Captain John Clark (1730-1816)
  • Roger Conant, who came to Massachusetts in 1623; served as acting governor there
  • John Hollis (abt 1645-abt 1700) and wife Elizabeth (Priest) Hollis (abt 1638-abt 1701) of Weymouth, Massachusetts
  • Revolutionary War veteran Nathaniel White (1749-1784)
  • Abraham Morrill, who settled at Salisbury, Massachusetts, in 1660, and whose descendants eventually married into the Wadley/Wadleigh family.
  • Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Appleton of Cambridge, Massachusetts, whose church was attended by General George Washington
  • Robert Wadley down to his great grandson Dole Wadleigh (1783-1826), husband of Sarah Colcord (1791-1862), down more generations to the children of Kitty Gansevoort (Wadley) Steele (1858-1911)  and Aaron Burr Steele (1854-1916)
  • White family, including Revolutionary War veteran Nathaniel White of Weymouth, Massachusetts, whose father Nathaniel was a surgeon in the French & Indian Wars
    Above, the first page of a letter to "cousin", presumably Mary Jane (Clark) Wadley (1832-1921), from Judge George White (1821-1899) in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts, dated March 23, 1877, containing White genealogy and family stories. Either there's a page missing or he concluded his letter with a page of genealogy - there are a few with similar handwriting.

    The papers, which apparently belonged to Mary Jane (Clark) Wadley (1832-1921):

      • Correspondence
      • Copies of applications to the Daughters of the American Revolution, partially filled out in advance  by Appleton Prentiss Clark (1826-1909) for his cousin and her daughter. Appleton was living in Washington, D. C., or at least the area, and may have been involved in the operation of the DAR.
      • Handwritten trees and genealogies (some of these are incorporated into the correspondence above)

      If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

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