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Photographs of Sisters Clara Prescott Morrill and Frances Horton Morrill of Canaan, Maine

Separate photographs of sisters Clara Prescott Morrill and Frances Horton Morrill, "Frank", of Canaan, Maine.  Both photographs were taken by the Preble studio of Waterville, Maine.

The photograph above, of Clara Prescott Morrill, is dated 1894 and may have been taken at the time of her graduation from Colby College.

Frances Horton Morrill, below, also graduated with the Class of 1894 at Colby College.  Her photograph is undated.  Both sisters went on to earn Masters degrees at Colby.

Frances Horton Morrill's nickname was "Frank".

The girls' sisters, Mary Sophronia Morrill and Lucia Haskell Morrill, also attended Colby College.  The sisters' parents deserve a great deal of credit for their commitment and, no doubt, sacrifice.

After graduation from Colby, Clara and Frances went on to careers in education in Maine.  

Clara taught at Fort Fairfield, Maine, from 1894-1898 and then was preceptress at Hebron Academy at Hebron, Maine.  By 1920, she was teaching at Waterville, Maine.  From one online reference I found, it appears she was also acting as the librarian at Coburn Classical Institute in Waterville.

From mentions in several Colby College publications, it appears that Frances Horton Morrill spent her teaching career at Waterville, Maine.

I don't believe Clara or Frances married.  Of the four sisters mentioned, perhaps only the eldest, Mary Sophronia Morrill, married.  

Mary married Springvale, Maine, native Reuben Lowell Ilsley, also a Colby graduate.  After graduation and marriage, Reuben had a number of educational positions in Maine and Massachusetts before joining the Internal Revenue Service at Washington, D.C.  The couple had at least two children.

Lucia Haskell Morrill had teaching positions at Gould Academy at Bethel, Maine; at Hallowell, Maine; at Ricker Classical Institute at Houlton, Maine; and at Waterville, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Clara Prescott Morrill, Frances Horton Morrill, Mary Sophronia Morrill and Lucia Haskell Morrill were the daughters of Llewellyn and Priscilla (Hubbard) Morrill, who were born at Readfield, Maine, and Canaan, Maine, respectively.

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