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1905 Graduation Program of Stevens High School, Claremont, New Hampshire

Graduation program of Stevens High School, Thursday Evening, June 15, 1905, Opera House, Claremont, New Hampshire

One sheet, approximately 11" x 7", folded in half.  Note: The names of graduates listed in alphabetical order, with the women first, and then the men.

Prayer, Rev. J. M. Wathen
Music, By School, "The Heavens are telling", Haydn
    Soloists - Miss Kelsey, Messrs. Hoban and Haskell
    Pianist - Miss Crain
    Director - G. T. Goldthwaite
Salutatory, Miss Barney
Poem, Miss Osgood
Prophecy - Part I, Miss Dowlin
Prophecy - Part II, Miss Ainsworth
Solo, Mr. Haskell
Oration, Rev. William B. Forbush
Valedictory, Miss Buckley
Presentation of Diplomas by Col. C. H. Long
Singing, Class Ode

Class of Stevens High School, 1905

College Preparatory Course
   Helen Elizabeth Freeman

Scientific Course
   Mary Belle Barney
   Verlie Alice Buckley
   Grace Azella Kelsey
   Mary Esther Osgood
   Florence Alice Pagan
   Lulo Amy Patterson
   Carl Wardner Dole
   George Harold Jenks

English Course
   Martha Georgina Ainsworth
   Cora Charlena Cook
   Eva Maie Crain
   Stella Alice Dagenais
   Anna Louise Dowlin
   Ethel Elizabeth Fletcher
   Alice Jane Florence
   Inez Mae Leavitt
   Bernice Ethel Philbrick
   George Lester Brooks
   Maurice Alfred Fitch
   Eli Perry Haskell

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