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1878 letter from Hiram H. Browne of Lowell, Massachusetts to relative Asa W. Brown at Cincinnati, Ohio about Family History

Letter sent in 1878 from Hiram H. Browne at Lowell, Massachusetts, to relative Asa W. Brown, Esq. at Cincinnati, Ohio, regarding the history of the Brown/Browne family.  Transcript below.

From online research only,  hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Hiram H. Brown was born about 1838 at Cornish, Maine, son of John and Mary (possibly Holmes) Brown.

Hiram's paternal grandparents were Clement and, I believe, Jane (Holmes) Brown.  I'm not sure of his maternal grandparents, nor even that Holmes was Mary's maiden name.

Hiram studied law with L. S. Moore, Esquire and was admitted to the bar in about 1861 and started practicing law at Limerick, Maine.

On 9 November 1866 at Boston, Massachusetts, he married Emily Maria Blazo, daughter of Robert Tibbetts Blazo and wife Mary Polly (Freeman) Blazo.

Emily's paternal grandparents were Daniel and Abigail (Chapman) Blazo.  Her maternal grandparents were James Otis Freeman and Susan (French) Freeman.

The couple moved to Lowell, Massachusetts, where Hiram practiced law.  They had at least one child, a daughter Maude, born about 1867.

If you have any corrections to the information above, and/or if you can fill in some of the gaps I'm missing, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


77 Barristers' Hall
Lowell, Massachusetts, Sept. 23, 1878

Asa W. Brown, Esq.

My dear Sir - I well remember that, some years ago when I was a boy living at my father's (John Brown) in Cornish, Me., you came there on your then mission of hunting up the members of the Brown  family - the descendants of John Browne of Hampton, N.H. - and wishing to have a correct record of my own progenitors from the original John down to the present generation, I deem it likely that you can furnish me the facts more readily and correctly than anyone else, or at least help me to find out such as I have not already acquired.

If you have the requisite information and will be kind enough to give me the names, dates of birth and deaths in the direct descent from the original John Browne of Hampton to Clement Brown of Cornish (my father's father) both inclusive, I will endeavor to satisfy you well for your time and trouble in the matter and be glad to render you as good a service should opportunity offer.

Hoping this request may not be deemed impertinent and that I may hear from you in good time.

I am yours and truly,
Hiram H. Browne

Sadly, I don't have Asa's reply, but I hope Hiram did hear from him with the information he desired.

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  1. I'm a distant relative of Asa Brown, and I'm interested/obsessed with finding out as much as I can about him. I'm writing about him on my family history blog, and I would love to be able to quote the Hiram Brown letter in its entirety. If you're willing to give me permission, please let me know how you would like the citation to appear.

    Liz Gauffreau

    1. You could direct people to this blog post; the letter is in my collection. By the way, can you post a link to your blog - sounds interesting!

    2. Thank you so much, Pam! My blog is