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1862-1863 Catalogue of Lane Theological Seminary at Walnut Hills, Ohio near Cincinnati

1862-1863 Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Lane Theological Seminary, printed at Cincinnati, Ohio by Johnson, Stephens & Company, Steam Printers, No. 141 Main Street, Below Fourth, 1863 [perhaps a second printing for the spring term?]

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In the catalog, Lane Theological Seminary's location, Walnut Hills, was described as "a few rods north of the limits of Cincinnati, and within two miles of the heart of the city".  

The catalogue is a booklet composed of an outside cover and eight pages and measures approximately 9-1/4" x 5-3/4".  

The back cover, shown just below, was used as an address page, in order to mail the catalogue to Professor William Henry Parker at Middlebury College in Vermont.  The catalogue was mailed from Mason, West Virginia, on May 28, I assume 1863.

The title page, below, is a replica of the front cover.

Board of Trustees

President, Rev. M. L. P. Thompson, D.D., Cincinnati

Edward D. Mansfield, Esq., Morrow
T. V. Chamberlain, Cincinnati
John C. Huntington, Cincinnati

Corresponding Secretary
Rev. George M. Maxwell, Cincinnati

Recording Secretary
Edgar P. Starr, Cincinnati

Anthony H. Hinkle, Cincinnati

Rev. Benjamin Graves, Dayton
John Melendy, Cincinnati
Daniel Corwin, Oxford
Ezekiel Ross, Cincinnati
Rev. Thornton A. Mills, New York City
Rev. John W. Hall, D.D., Oxford
Rev. John G. Atterbury, New Albany, Indiana
Rev. John M. Boal, Hanging Rock, Ohio
Rev. Daniel A. Rice, Lafayette, Indiana
John C. Macy, Cincinnati
Rev. Addison Kingsbury, D.D., Putnam
Rev. E. P. Pratt, D.D., Portsmouth
James Taylor, M.D., Cincinnati
Robert W. Steele, Esq., Dayton

Faculty and Instructors

Rev. Lyman Beecher, D.D., President*

Rev. D. Howe Allen, Professor of Systematic Theology and Lecturer on Sacred Rhetoric and Church Polity

Rev. George E. Day, Professor of Biblical Literature, Lecturer on Pastoral Theology and Librarian

Rev. M. L. P. Thompson, Lecturer on the Composition of Sermons

Rev. Llewelyn J. Evans, Lecturer on Church History

Lecturers on Special Topics for the Year 1862-63

Rev. Jacob Little, D.D., Granville, On Method of Pastoral Labor

Edward D. Mansfield, Esq., Morrow, On the Philosophy and Laws of Social Progress

Rev. Henry Shith, D.D., Buffalo, New York, On Sacred Rhetoric [Readers, please let me know if you think "Shith" is a typo.  I know there was a Rev. Henry Smith at the North Presbyterian Church of Buffalo during the pertinent era.]

Rev. Henry N. Day, D.D., College Hill, On the Principals of Taste and their Application

* Non-resident; died January 10th 1863


Senior Class

Name; Graduate of; Resident; Room

Lyman A. Aldrich; Marietta College, Ohio, 1860; Cincinnati; No. 38
Daniel E. Beach; Marietta College, Ohio, 1859; Johnstown; No. 24
Daniel E. Bierce; Oberlin Institute, Ohio 1856; Nelson; No. 25
Linus Blakesley; Yale College, Connecticut, 1860; Terryville, Connecticut; No. 11
George O. Little; Amherst College, Massachusetts, 1860; Madison, Indiana, No. 26
Joseph B. Little; Amherst College, Massachusetts, 1860; Madison, Indiana, No. 26
Giles F. Montgomery; Marietta College, Ohio, 1860; Walden, Vermont; No. 23
Hugh B. Scott; Marietta College, Ohio, 1858; Delaware; No. 33
Alexander H. Young; Miami University, Ohio, 1860; Cincinnati; No. 18

Middle Class

Elias Benzing; ___; Cincinnati; No. 13
Peter S. Davies; Marietta College, Ohio, 1861; Blue Earth, Minnesota; No. 30
Leverett S. Griggs; Amherst College, Massachusetts, 1860; Bristol, Connecticut; No. 28
William R. Higgins; Wabash College, Indiana, 1861; Logansport, Indiana; No. 21
Henry V. Hitchcock; Western Reserve College, Ohio, 1859; Hudson; No. 44
Lewis E. Jones; ___; Cincinnati; No. 19
Andrew J. McKimm; Marietta College, Ohio, 1859; Hocking Port; No. 16
A. Z. Young; Indiana College, 1851; Buncombe, North Carolina; No. 64
William Wilmer; Farmer's College, Ohio, 1860; Mount Airy; No. 40

Junior Class

Homer D. Cruikshank; Ohio Wesleyan University, 1862; Delaware; No. 15
William T. Hart; Wabash College, Indiana, 1861; Columbus, Indiana; No. 36
Albert E. Hastings; ___; Hillsdale, Michigan; No. 16
Henry M. Holiday; ___; Walnut Hills; No. 24
Josiah H. Jenkins; Marietta College, Ohio, 1862; Buffalo, New York; No. 43
William M. Newton; Knox College, Illinois, 1862; Peoria, Illinois; No. 27
William C. Oliver; Illinois College, 1862; Marine, Illinois; No. 31
Lycurgus Railsback; Wabash College, Indiana, 1862; Richmond, Indiana; No. 38

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