Wednesday, August 1, 2012

c1919 Penmanship Paper of student Grace A. Hamlin of Brownville, Maine

Penmanship practice paper of Grace A. Hamlin.  Grace mentioned Ruth A. Prescott in her practice lines, and the fact that Brownville also had a student named Ruth A. Prescott, born about the same time as Grace, makes me fairly confident that Grace A. Hamlin was a student at Brownville, Maine.

Grace Abbie Hamlin (1909-2001) was born 14 March 1909 at Brownville, Maine, daughter of Melvin Augustus Hamlin and wife Ethel Albertina (Bell) Hamlin, born at Barnard, Maine, and Moro, Maine, respectively.

In 1936, Grace married Eugene Swain (1902-1981) of White Plains, New York, and raised a family of, I believe, four children.

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