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1890 Commencement Program of Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Wellesley College 
Twelfth Annual Commencement 
Tuesday, June 24, 1890

Order of Exercises
Organ Prelude, Offertoire, Op.3, Batiste
                  Professor Junius W. Hill
Motette, "I will Lift up My Eyes", Gilchrist
                  Beethoven Society
Address, Alice Freeman Palmer, Ph.D., L.H.D.
Part Songs, a. Winter, b. Daffodils, Hall
                   Beethoven Society
Chorus, Summer Sunshine, Strauss
                   Beethoven Society
Conferring of Degrees
Organ Postlude, Grand Choeur, Dubois
                   Prof. Junius W. Hill
Reception at 8 P.M.

[Note: the program shows two columns of names, with the left column in alphabetical order running into the page following it, rather than moving over to the right column.  I've transcribed each page, starting with the names in the left column and then moving over to the right column.  So be sure to check the next page if you are searching for a name by alphabetical order.]

Candidates for Degrees

Master of Arts
Alice Upton Pearmain (Wellesley, '83), Chelsea, Massachusetts
       Thesis: The Democratic Spirit in Nineteenth Century Literature

Five Years' Courses, with Music or Art

Bachelor of Arts
Ruth Elizabeth Abbott, Wakefield, Massachusetts
Sarah Hogate Groff, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Katharine Eloise Horton, Windsor Locks, Connecticut
Edith Myra James, Omaha, Nebraska
Katharine Jane Lane, Roxbury, Massachusetts
Jennie Potter Mitchell, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Ethel Paton, East Orange, New Jersey
Katharine Mordantt Quint, Allston, Massachusetts
Florence Evelyn Soule, Taunton, Massachusetts
Isabelle Stone, Chicago, Illinois
Edith Sturges, Oak Park, Illinois
Elsie Thalheimer, Cincinnati, Ohio
Charlotte Westcott, Auburn, New York

Bachelor of Science
Grace Andrews, New York, New York
Helen Weston Holmes, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Emma Shaw Pleasants, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Helen Amanda Storer, Akron, Ohio

Four Years' Courses

Bachelor of Arts
Elvira Kingsbury Andrews, Shelburne, Massachusetts
Anna Louise Arnold, Worcester, Massachusetts
Luella Aumack, Tom's River, New Jersey
Clara Latimer Bacon, Abingdon, Illinois
Alice Cary Baldwin, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mary Barrows, Fryeburg, Maine
Sarah Abalena Bass, Plainfield, New Jersey
Alice Gray Bothwell, Albany, New York
Lillian Carter Brooks, Woburn, Massachusetts
Emily Frances Brown, Johnstown, New York
Mary Mabel Brown, Peabody, Massachusetts
Anne Burgess, Portland, Maine
Susan Wade Child, New Hampton, New Hampshire
Helen MacGregor Clarke, Norwich Town, Connecticut
Nellora Harriet Clough, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gertrude Louisa Coddington, Syracuse, New York
Mariana Cogswell, Gilford, New Hampshire
Bessie Lesquereux Cook, Springfield, Massachusetts
Maud Howard Crane, Homer, New York
Mabel Gair Curtis, Boston, Massachusetts
Rosa Dean, Exeter, New Hampshire
Flora Etta Hidden, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mary French Hitch, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Margaret Josephine Holley, Selma, Alabama
Anna Belle Jenks, Norwich, New York
Christine Karslake, Albany, New York
Fannie Agnes Knapp, Sitka, Alaska
Lizzie Dwight Leach, Randolph, Massachusetts
Florence Edith Leonard, Sharon, Massachusetts
Annie May Linscott, Boston, Massachusetts
Sarah Jane McNary, Newark, New Jersey
Mabel Augusta Manson, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Elisabeth Browning Mason, Herndon, Virginia
Lucia Morrill, Conway, New Hampshire
Ruth Eastman Morrill, Conway, New Hampshire
Caroline Edna Noble, Springfield, Massachusetts
Fanny Palen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Etta Richardson Parker, Boston, Massachusetts
Helen Adams Parker, Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire
Angie Lacey Peck, Warren, Ohio
Alice Marion Richardson, Woburn, Massachusetts
Rose Julia Sears, Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Isabelle Aiken Sinclair, Worcester, Massachusetts
Bertha Eliza Smith, Hartford, Connecticut
Ruth Gage Strong, Ashtabula, Ohio

Kent Rolla Dunlap, Virden, Illinois
Ethel Adelia Glover, Washington, D.C.
Mabel Lee Godfrey, Milford, Massachusetts
Charlotte Eliza Greenbank, West Wareham, Massachusetts
Nettie Jane Hale, Weston, Vermont
Charlotte Elizabeth Halsey, Schenectady, New York
Anna May Hamilton, Wakefield, Massachusetts
Henrietta Eliza Hardy, Arlington, Massachusetts
Evangeline Hathaway, Woodfords, Maine [Portland]
Lillian Louise Haynes, Troy, New York
Josepha Virginia Sweetser, Wakefield, Massachusetts
Louise Bradford Swift, Detroit, Michigan
Mary Field Taft, Stafford Springs, Connecticut
Grace Fitzhugh Thomson, Shanghai, China
Mary Noyes Tyler, Tylerville, Connecticut
Clare Lyon Wade, Helena, Montana
Ida May Wallace, Wakefield, Massachusetts
Edith Hubbard Warren, East Saginaw, Michigan
Abbie Elizabeth Wiggin, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Science
Anne Lucy Bosworth, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Grace Mason Brackett, Brookline, Massachusetts
Ella Williams Bray, Yarmouthport, Massachusetts
Caroline Hill Brown, Woburn, Massachusetts
Martha Pike Conant, Greenfield, Massachusetts
Ruth Stockbridge Damon, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Mabel Doolittle, Schuylerville, New York
Mary Louise Dransfield, Rochester, New York
Mary Lucasta Fish, Brunswick, Maine
Lillian Henrietta Fishel, Babylon, Long Island, New York
Mary Vinia Fitch, Binghamton, New York
Georgine Zetelle Fraser, Waverly, Baltimore, Maryland
Emily Camilla Gowans, Buffalo, New York
Gennie Hickok, Morrisville, Vermont
Mary Delia Lauderburn, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Annie Louise Lord, Ipswich, Massachusetts
Jennie Bond McIver, Worcester, Massachusetts
Florence Edith May, Barre, Massachusetts
Mary Sophia Miller, Adrian, Michigan
Ann Maria Mitchell, Hinsdale, New Hampshire
Mary Watson Moderwell, Chicago, Illinois
Katherine Morse, North Haverhill, New Hampshire
Anna Matilda Olsson, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mary Jennings Orton, Columbus, Ohio
Belle Sherwin, Cleveland, Ohio
Annie Manson Smith, Bedford, Massachusetts
Malvina Weiss, Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Mary Eastman Woodin, Amherst, Massachusetts
Mary Martin Yardley, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
Mary Porterfield Young, Louisville, Kentucky

Graduates of the School of Music

Piano and Harmon
Katharine Eloise Horton, Windsor Locks, Connecticut
Edith Myra James, Omaha, Nebraska
Gertrude Nye, South Natick, Massachusetts
Florence Evelyn Soule, Taunton, Massachusetts

Organ and Harmony
Helen Amanda Storer, Akron, Ohio

Voice and Harmony
Emma Shaw Pleasants, Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Graduates of the School of Art
Carrie Mabel Field, Milford, Massachusetts
Florence Newman, Deerfield, Massachusetts

Members of the Class of '90
in the Five Years' Course with Music or Art
Sarah Malinda Bock, Boston, Massachusetts
Helen Anne Dempsey, Cleveland, Ohio
Caroline Muzzy Dresser, Castine, Maine
Helen Blanche Field, Taunton, Massachusetts
Sarah Jane Freeman, Morristown, New Jersey
Emeline Place Hayward, New York, New York
Edith Mary Luther, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Alice Mabel Norton, Bennington, Vermont
Grace Annot Pierce, East Jaffrey, New Hampshire
Cornelia Irene Rosa, Woodlawn Park, Illinois

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