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1933 Graduation Program of Norwood High School, Norwood, Massachusetts

Graduation Exercises of Norwood High School, Class of 1933, at Norwood, Massachusetts.

Two sheets of 12" x 9" paper, stapled and folded, to make eight panes.

Processional - March from "Athalia", Mendelsohn
Invocation, Rev. William F. Reilly
"The House by the Side of the Road", Mrs. M. H. Gulesian
   Chorus and Orchestra [lyrics provided]
Essay - "Patriotism - What Is it?"
                    Paul Nason Taylor
"The Little Hills are Calling", Edward Morris
                    Florence Korpela

Essay - "A New Era"
               James Stephen Salmon
"Spring Equinox", J. V. Dethier
                Chorus and Orchestra [lyrics follow]

Address - "The Compass"
           Dr. John Nicol Mark
Orchestra Selection - Overture Op. 85, O. Langey
Gift of the Class of 1933
           Paul J. Calderone
Acceptance of the Gift for the School
           John J. Murray
Senior Honor Roll and Award of Medals and Prizes
           John F. Murray Athletic Cup
           Plimpton Art Prize
           Washington and Franklin History Medal
           Teachers' Club Scholarship
           Lane Medals
           Berwick English Prize
           Mr. L. W. Grant, Superintendent of Schools
Presentation of Diplomas
           Mr. John Joseph Conley, Chairman of School Committee
"Norwood", Wheelock, '13, Arranged by Walsh, '13
           Chorus and Orchestra (The audience is invited to join)
"America" (first and last verses), Smith
"Festival March", Gruenwald
The audience will kindly remain seated during the entire recessional

Senior High School Orchestra
Director, Mr. J. V. Dethier

1st Violin
Russell Hauck
Vincent Johnson
Joanne Cullen
Beatrice Trulson
Brownie Vasilianskas
Arthur Cook
Albert Grokoest

2nd Violin
Miriam Taylor
Mabel Fenton
Sally Makie
Virginia Marvas

Oboe (Soprano)
Harriet Rathbun

Paul Taylor
Elinor Anthony

C. Melody
Mary Atwood

1st Clarinet
Carlton Ossianson
Gunnar Granlund

2nd Clarinet
Arthur Harrison
Thomas Anderson

1st Cornet
Frank Simoni
Clement McCormack

2nd Cornet
William Blair

John Louko
Albert Gove

Alto Saxophone
Harold Kiley

Mildred Rodgers
Madeline Frazier
Dorothy Rodgers

John Garlick

John Robertson
William Milesky

Below, two pages of names of the graduates, in alphabetical order.

Back cover:

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