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1880s Autograph Album of Caroline Brown Giberson, born 1869 at Bath, New Brunswick

1880s autograph album of Caroline Brown Giberson, "Carrie", who was born in 1869 at Bath, New Brunswick or in the area.

See images of the entire album in page order at the end of this post.

The album is approximately 7" x 4-1/4" and contains 64 pages signed by Carrie herself and her relatives and friends, some of them twice.

Carrie inscribed a page to those who would sign a page in her album.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Caroline Brown Giberson was born 17 March 1869 at Bath, New Brunswick, daughter of Ralph Kinney Giberson and Mary Elizabeth (Ebbett) Giberson, who were born at Bath, New Brunswick, and Wicklow, New Brunswick respectively.

Carrie's paternal grandparents were William and Temperance (Kinney) Giberson.

William died in 1887 and did not sign a page in Carrie's album, but I believe the page below was signed by Carrie's paternal grandmother, Temperance (Kinney) Giberson in 1888.

Carrie's maternal grandparents were Joseph Ebbett and Rachel (Hutchinson) Ebbett.  Neither of them signed a page in Carrie's album, although a person by the name of Maud Hutchinson signed a page in 1888.

Carrie's sister Rachel Levina Giberson signed a page in 1888 and another in 1890.

Rachel married Frederick Dibble Giberson.  Two pages in the album were signed by a Dibble Giberson, perhaps one or both of them signed by Rachel's future husband.

The signature below looks like Dibble J. Giberson but could be Dibble F. Giberson.

Carrie's sister Temperance Giberson signed the last page in her album in 1890.

In the early 1890s, Carrie moved to Maine.  On 4 February 1893 at Presque Isle, Maine, she married Josiah Starbird Hodgdon, son of Josiah Smith Hodgdon and Joan W. (Starbird) Hodgdon.  Josiah Starbird Hodgdon was born 5 March 1862 in Oxford County, Maine.

Carrie and Josiah had, I believe, five children, the last of whom, Ella Ruth Hodgdon, signed a page in 1923 in her mother's album.

It's neat to imagine that Carrie was going through her treasures, and the autograph album, by then some thirty-odd years old, came to light.  Ella must have been with her or perhaps discovered the album herself and asked to sign a page.

This is a photograph, I think, of Caroline and her siblings, with Caroline identified by a reader as the woman at right.  The others are, left to right, Ransford, Rachel and Mary.  Her siblings, left to right, are Ransford, Rachel and Mary.

If you have corrections to the information above or stories to share about the Giberson or Hodgdon families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Refer to the alphabetized list below for several more people surnamed Giberson and several people who identified themselves as Carrie's cousin.

Signers in the album

  • Edwin M. Belyea of Saint John, New Brunswick, 1891
  • Holland S. Broad of Bath, New Brunswick, 1888; signed two pages
  • John H. Broad of Bath, New Brunswick, 1888
  • Stephen G. Broad, 1880
  • Sadie Burk of Wicklow, New Brunswick, 1889
  • Garfield Cary of Presque Isle, Maine, 1892
  • Guy L. Colson of Rockland, Maine, 1891
  • Watts Cox, 1888
  • J. C. Doherty at Queen Hotel, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1888; signed two pages
  • Blanch Drier of or at Bath, New Brunswick
  • Lewis Duncan of Beaconsfield, New Brunswick, 1892
  • C. H. Estey, Esq. of Wicklow, New Brunswick, 1890
  • Mary E. Fenimore, 1890
  • Maude Gallop of or at Saint John, New Brunswick, 1889
  • Alvan Giberson, 1888
  • Caroline Giberson, "Carrie", of Bath, New Brunswick, 1888; ownership page of Caroline Brown Giberson
  • Charles Giberson
  • Dibble Giberson of Bath, New Brunswick; signed two pages, one undated, one in 1890
  • Ella M. Giberson, 1888
  • Elzena Giberson, 1890; Carrie's cousin
  • Mary E. Giberson, 1888; Carrie's mother, Mary Elizabeth (Ebbett) Giberson
  • Mary E. Giberson, 1892; Carrie's cousin
  • Minnie L. Giberson of or at Bath, New Brunswick, 1890; Carrie's cousin
  • Rachel L. Giberson, 1888; Rachel Levina Giberson, Carrie's sister; signed two pages
  • Ralph Giberson, 1888; Carrie's father, Ralph Kinney Giberson
  • Temperance E. Giberson of Bath, New Brunswick, 1888; Carrie's paternal grandmother, Temperance (Kinney) Giberson
  • T. E. Giberson of Bath, New Brunswick, 1890; Carrie's sister Temperance E. Giberson
  • Willamont W. Grant
  • Benjamin I. Hagerman, 1888
  • William Henery of or at Bath, New Brunswick, 1890
  • Tommie Higgins at Queen Hotel, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1888
  • Ella Hodgdon of Fort Fairfield, Maine, 1923; Carrie's daughter
  • Maria Hotham of Bristol, New Brunswick; Carrie's cousin
  • Maud Hutchinson, 1888
  • Theresa Jamieson of or at Woodstock, New Brunswick, 1891
  • Olive I. Lawson at Queen Hotel, Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Mrs. M. G. Libby of Presque Isle, Maine, 1892
  • Richard Libby of Presque Isle, Maine, 1892
  • H. Maguire of Bath, New Brunswick, 1891
  • Hugh Maguire, Esq., 1890
  • John Maguire of Bath, New Brunswick
  • E.S.S., 1890
  • Ella M. Smith of Summerfield, New Brunswick
  • Hattie M. Smith of Bridgewater, Maine, 1892
  • Victoria Smith, 1888
  • Wilbert Stithem of Carleton County, New Brunswick, 1888
  • James Sweeney of Bath, New Brunswick, 1888
  • Harry E. Truworthy of Houlton, Maine
  • Effie L. Tupper of Bumfran, New Brunswick, 1888
  • Ida M. Tupper of Bumfran, New Brunswick, 1888; Carrie's cousin
  • Alice Tweedie
  • Annie B. Tweedie, 1889
  • F. N. Vandine, Upper Wicklow, New Brunswick, 1888; possibly Florence Nightingale Vandine
  • Alma Wallace, 1888; Carrie's cousin

The entire album

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  2. You're most welcome! Yes, it's one of my favorites.

  3. WONDERFUL!!!! Carrie was the lady on the far right dressed in black.Ransford was my grandfather.Rachel is in the middle,Mary in the back.Ihave that same photo.Thanks for sharing.Randy

    1. It's nice to have the photos. And the memories Debbie (Grandaughter of Ransford)

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to identify the people in the photograph. I've amended the post to reflect your identifications.

  5. hello. Is it for sale?

  6. Caroline Brown Geberson is my great grandmother (grandfather's mother). I would be interested in a copy of the book as well as any other information you may have, how it was found or located and/or if it is for sale. Please advise. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for an up close and personal look into the life of Caroline. Though this is my husband's family line, I do the Family History. He descends from Lois, this Caroline's sister, who named one of her girls Caroline in her sister's honor. For those interested in seeing more on the family line, you are welcome to visit the genealogy blog I write. I will add a link back to this site because I feel it was so well done and offers that personal touch we all crave when it comes to family. Here is the link on my blog specifically for Caroline:

    There are various pictures, the sources I used and even a few stories about the Giberson clan.

    Thanks again and WELL DONE!

    1. So glad you happened upon this post! Will add your blog to my reading list, as Caroline is a distant cousin to my children.