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2 Photographs of Arthur Talbot and One of Herbert Talbot; Freeport, Maine, and Boston, Massachusetts

Set of three photographs of the Talbot family, I believe, the Talbot family of Freeport, Maine.

Above, a carte de visite of a young boy identified on the reverse as Arthur Talbot.   The CDV was produced by the James Notman studio of Boston, Massachusetts.

Below, a cabinet photograph of Arthur Talbot, this one taken by the Ira S. Coffin studio of Freeport, Maine.

It's this photograph that reassured me that I was on the right track in identifying the Talbot family, as I found a duplicate online; more below.

The final photograph, taken in 1880, shows H. Talbot, a man in his late twenties or thirties, I'd say.  I believe the photograph was Twing.

His identification, below, shows his name with two initials and surname Talbot.  The first initial is definitely "H".  I had reservations about the middle initial, but the Talbot family I found in Freeport included the father, Herbert S. Talbot, and I can see where the middle initial could be an "S".

As mentioned above, I found a family history site online with photographs of some members of the Talbot family of Freeport.    One of them is a duplicate of the lower photograph of Arthur Talbot.  Others show Arthur's mother, his sisters and the beautiful Talbot Farm.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Arthur Bailey Talbot was born 13 August 1890 at Freeport, Maine, son of Herbert S. and Elsie M. (Jones) Talbot, who were born at Freeport, Maine, and Levant, Maine, respectively.

Arthur's paternal grandparents were Hiram and Ellen (Whittemore) Talbot.  His maternal grandparents were Seward Porter Jones and Matilda Purington (Andrews) Jones.

It looks as though Arthur Bailey Talbot spent his life farming at the family farm.  I didn't see a wife and family for him, but he could have married in between Censuses.

If you have corrections or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Freeport, Maine

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