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Class of 1913 Banquet, Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine

Program for the Banquet and Reception of the Class of 1913 of Edward Little High School at Auburn, Maine. June 20, 1913.  

"To be rather than to seem"

The menu describes a veritable feast!

Toasts and Roasts

Laugh at your friends, and if you friends are sore
So much the better, you can laugh the more.

Toastmaster, Harold S. Young
Our Class, 1913, Weston B. Haskell
The Press Association, Beatrice E. Penley
The Boys, Charlotte M. Nevens
The Girls, Bernard S. Johnson
Prophecy, Cora M. Hasty
Athletics, Leland Mower
The Faculty, Warren Beckler
The Washington Trip, Edith M. Larrabee
The Undergraduates, Bernard L. Peables

The E. L. H.S. School Song
led by "Rip"
All Sing

Initials in the upper left, J. D. C.

Names penciled in:
H. Young
W. Haskell
H. C. (brother)
F. O. Stephens
G. E. Patterson

Names penciled in:
M. Jordan
H. C. (brother)
H. Young
B. Johnson
Weston Haskell

Committee of Arrangements
Cora M. Hasty
Louise O. Brown
Beatrice E. Penley
Harry C. Lowe
Weston B. Haskell

Class Officers:
President, Bernard S. Johnson
Vice President, Bernard L. Peables
Secretary, Cora M. Hasty
Treasurer, Weston B. Haskell

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