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1890 Card from A. D. Lougee Ice Co., West Newton and Newtonville, Massachusetts

Advertising card for the A. D. Lougee Ice Company of Newton, Massachusetts, with prices for April 1, 1890.  I believe the founder's name was Amos D. Lougee.  

What I found especially interesting about this card is the reference to an "open winter" the season before.

The reverse of the card is blank.

A. D. Lougee,
Pearl Lake ICE
West Newton and Newtonville.
Office at Residence, California Street, Corner Fair Oaks Ave.
Ice Houses at Newtonville.

Price of Ice.
To Take Effect April 1, 1890.
Until Further Notice.
1000 lbs. or more at one delivery, 40 cts. per cwt
500    "            "                 "           50     "
50 to 100 lbs. at one delivery          70     "
No ice sold except by weight
All ice will be weighed and scored at each delivery

Order Boxes
F. L. Cook's Store, West Newton
Tainter's News Stand, Newtonville
Fitch's Market, Newtonville

All Orders Promptly Attended To.

Owing to the very limited supply of ice secured the past open winter, the present prices are conditional that fire or other casualty does not materially reduce our stock.

I found Pearl Lake on an 1878 map of Newton, at the intersection of Walnut and Homer Streets, with Walnut Street actually crossing the lake.  I don't Pearl Lake on a map today; perhaps it was an impoundment whose dam was removed at some point.

If you have information on the Lougee family or Pearl Lake, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

Map of West Newton, Massachusetts, with Newtonville off to the east:

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