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1880s/1890s Autograph Album of Mrs. Jennie S. Merrill, possibly of Portland, Maine area

1880s/1890s autograph album presented to Mrs. Jennie S. Merrill by A. A. C., who might have been A. A. Coan, who signed a separate page.

The album measures approximately 7" x 4-1/4" and has 22 autograph of family and friends, as well as an old sticker with the handwritten name of Dr. Buzzell on it.

One page, below, was signed by Mary R. Small, who identified herself as Jennie's sister.

Two people named Merrill signed adjacent pages in 1888, presumably husband and wife.

These were J. Evarts Merrill and his wife Carrie S. Merrill, then living at Jacksonville, Florida.  Jeremiah Evarts Merrill was born at Tamworth, New Hampshire, in 1858.  His wife, Carrie Sarah (Smith) Merrill, was born in 1859, also at Tamworth, New Hampshire.  They both died at Jacksonville, Florida.

J. Evarts Merrill:

Carrie S. Merrill:

I'd be interested in hearing from a reader if J. Evarts and Carrie S. Merrill are related to Jennie S. Merrill.  Please leave a comment or contact me directly if you have information.

Jeremiah Evarts Merrill's mother, Phoebe Pierce Richardson, was born at Baldwin, Maine.  In case there is a connection, a person listing West Baldwin, Maine, as home signed a page in Jennie's album.

A. E. Bowers of West Baldwin, Maine:

The person who signed what I think is "Hub", might have been Jennie S. Merrill's husband:

Another page was erased.  I'm sure there's a story there...

The inside back cover has a label pasted in it with the handwritten name of Dr. Buzzell:

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order.  Please note that people who mentioned what appears to be a residence, might have been referring to where they were when they signed in the album, rather than their actual residence.

Hub [?], possibly husband of Jennie S. Merrill
N. E. Atwood of Somerville, Massachusetts, 1889; or could be A. E. Atwood
Mrs. Jennie Boucher of Deering, Maine
Miss Edith M. Boucher of Deering, Maine
A. E. Bowers of West Baldwin, Maine, 1892
Dr. Buzzell, label pasted on inside back cover
A. A. C., possibly A. A. Coan
A. A. Coan
S. C. Knowles of Portland, Maine, 1890
Henry Knowles of Portland, Maine, 1890
W. L. Knowlton of Portland, Maine, 1892
Mrs. W. L. Knowlton of Portland, Maine, 1893
Mary R. Mathews of Lincolnville, Maine, 1888
Mrs. Jennie S. Merrill
J. Evarts Merrill of Jacksonville, Florida, 1888; Jeremiah Evarts Merrill, born Tamworth, New Hampshire in 1858
Carrie S. Merrill of Jacksonville, Florida, 1888
H .F. Patterson of Portland, Maine
M. E. Pratt of Cape Elizabeth Depot, Maine, 1889
W. C. Rideout of Portland, Maine, 1890
Lottie A. Rideout of Portland, Maine, 1890
Susie H. T. Rideout of Portland, Maine, 1890
Mary R. Small, 1887
Charles Strout of Malden, Massachusetts, can't decipher middle initial
A. E. Truworthy of Waterville, Maine, 1887

Map of Portland, Maine

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