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1948 Graduation Program of Samuel D. Hanson High School at Buxton, Maine

Commencement Exercises of Samuel D. Hanson High School, Class of 1948, Thursday Evening, June the Third at Eight O'Clock
Troy Hill Meeting House
Buxton, Maine

A history of Samuel D. Hanson High School can be found on a website of Buxton, Maine, history.  If you scroll to the end of the website, you'll see a photograph of Tory Hill Meeting House.

I don't know when Samuel D. Hanson High School closed, or if the building is still in use as a school or for another purpose.  


Invocation, by Rev. J. Albert Hammond
Salutatory, "World Organization in the Past", by Virginia Althea Dunnell
History, by Ellen Irene Harmon
Prophecy, by Gwendolyn Louise Ranks and Carl Arthur Pinkham
Will, by Frank Seth Eaton
Honor Essay, "Present World Organization - United Nations", Gloria Mildred Fogg
Address to Undergraduates, Merna Ernestine Rowe
Gifts, Priscilla Berry and Lawrence H. Jose, Jr.
Valedictory, "Future World Organization", by Corrie Irene Tapley
Awarding of Prizes
Conferring of Diplomas
Class Ode
Benediction, Rev. J. Albert Hammond

Class Roll
Priscilla Berry
Harold L.Carll
Sabra Rebecca Carll
Virginia Althea Dunnell
Frank Seth Eaton
Gloria Mildred Fogg
Chester Smith Gillingham
Ellen Irene Harmon
Lawrence H. Jose, Jr.
Carl Arthur Pinkham
Gwendolyn Louise Ranks
Merna Ernestine Rowe
Corrie Irene Tapley
Roland Melvin Tapley, Jr.

Class Motto
"Here Endeth and Here Beginnith"

Class Flowers
Carnations and Sweet Peas

Class Colors
Royal Blue and Gold

Superintending School Committee
Ruth E. Snell
Marion E. I. Hague
Willard R. Gillette

George E. Jack, Superintendent

Maurice B. Littlefield, Principal

Paul L. Johnson, Teacher of Agriculture

Assistant Teachers
Gertrude S. Elwell
Lucille T. Amnott

Class Ode - 1948
(Tune: Now is the Hour)

Now is the hour.  It's time to say goodbye.
Soon we'll be leaving dear old Buxton High.
When we are gone, our mem'ries linger near
And all our hearts will leave joyous thoughts here.

While we are gone, we will never forget
All of the people that we here have met.
Though we may go into the world apart,
We'll keep the memories locked in our heart.

Now is the hour, when we must say goodbye.
Oh, how we'll miss you, dear old Buxton High.
We owe you more than we can e'er replay.
For all those wonderful and joyous days.

     Priscilla Berry and Corrie Irene Tapley

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If you information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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