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April 1874 List of Students at Andover, Maine

School Agent's Return, No. 2, for Andover, Maine, signed by Josiah Bailey.  

Josiah might have been Josiah, Sr., or Josiah, Jr.  Josiah, Jr. was the father of some of the students mentioned below.

Reverse of document, showing some doodling:

Thanks to a terrific site devoted to history and genealogy of Andover, Maine, I was able to decipher a few pesky names.  

Names of Students, as they appear, not in alphabetical order: 

Charles Goodridge, age 16
Clara C. Bragg, age 19
Mary E. Adams, age 18
Tillie M. Adams, age 16
Allis S. Bissell, age 20
Herman Abbott, age 5
Lewis E. Adams, age 16
Emma C. Marston, age 16
Frank D. Adams, age 14
George H. Adams, age 8
William G. Cushman, age 20 - William Gregg Cushman
Albert Cushman, age 18  - Thomas Albert Cushman
Edward C. Hutchins, age 12
Edgar H. Hutchins, age 9
Eben F. Hutchins, age 7
John L. Hutchins, age 4
Walter L. Hanson, age 19
Emma E. Hanson, age 16
Della C. Hanson, age 12
Abbie N. Hanson, age 6
George E. Lang, age 4
Flora M. Hewey, age 8
Ory Hewey, age 5 - Orian F. Hewey
Emma C. Stevens, age 20
Nate N. Hewey, age 18
Clara E. Bailey, age 19 - Clara Elizabeth Bailey
John L. Bailey, age 15 - John Lester Bailey
Edith O. Bailey, age 10 - Edith Octavia Bailey
Rebecca I. Bailey, age 19 - Rebecca Ide Bailey
Lavina E. Bailey, age 17 - Lavinia Elsie Bailey
Edmond M. Bailey, age 15 - Edmond Morris Bailey
Sarah J. Bailey, age 12 - Sarah Jane Bailey
Evie W. Moorhead, age 17 - Eva Ward Morehead
Annie S. Moorhead, age 17 - Anna Morehead
James A. Moorhead, age 13 - James A. Morehead
Hortense C. Abbott, age 16 - she was to die a couple years later
Holton J. Abbott, age 14

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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