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1880s Autograph Album of Arlena St. Clair of St. George, Maine

1880s autograph album with pages signed by people in Knox County, Maine, mostly from the Tenants Harbor and Rockland area.  Tenants Harbor is a village in the town of St. George.  

Some of the pages are inscribed to Lena.

Using clues from people who identified themselves as Lena's aunts and uncles, I determined that Lena was Arlena St. Clair, daughter of James Emery St. Clair and wife Caroline T. (Long) Sinclair of St. George, Maine.  Lena was born about 1866.  Sadly, she died young, on 21 March 1885, at St. George.

Lena's paternal grandparents were George Washington St. Clair and Eliza Sabra (Hall) St. Clair.  Her maternal grandparents were John Henry Long and Sarah W. (Smalley) Long.

The autograph album is approximately 6" x 4" and contains 34 pages of inscriptions of relatives and friends.

Lena's maternal aunt, Abbie (Long) Hart and her husband Levi Hart of Tenants Harbor, Maine, signed adjacent pages in 1884.  At left, Levi Hart:

At right, Abbie (Long) Hart:

Lena's maternal aunt Zaida (Long) Wiley and her husband George J. Wiley of Tenants Harbor signed adjacent pages.  At left, George J. Wiley, in 1884:

At right, Zadie Wiley, in 1883:

Lena's maternal aunt L. S. Crocker signed a page in 1884..  She was Elizabeth Smalley Long, "Lizzie", then married to her first husband James Henry Crocker, who died in 1890.  She then married Walter Kelloch or Kalloch.

One of the pages contained a gorgeous 1884 pen and ink drawing done by a person with the surname St. Clair, then living at South Boston.  I can't quite make out the person's initials. 

I you have any corrections or insights regarding any of the people mentioned above or below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order.  Please note that the towns mentioned by some of the people may have been where they signed their page rather than their residence.

, Mame, 1883
?, Frank L. of Hamburg, Germany, at Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1884
Nellie A. Andrews of West Camden, Maine, 1883
O. L. Beverage of Waterville, Maine, at Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1884
Hattie M. Carleton of Tenants Harbor Maine, 1884
Llewellyn Carleton of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1884
D. L. Carleton of Rockland, Maine, 1884
L. S. Crocker, aunt, 1884 (Elizabeth Smalley Long, "Lizzie", who married James Henry Crocker)
A. B. Crocker of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1884
R. M. Davis
R. M. Davis of St. George, Maine, 1885
Levi Hart of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1884, uncle by marriage
Abbie L. Hart, 1884, aunt Abbie (Long) Hart, wife of Levi Hart
Alice E. Hooper of Rockland, Maine, 1883
John W. Long of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1884
Mary H. Maddocks of Rockland, Maine, 1883
B. K. Maddocks of Rockland, Maine, 1883
Myra M. Morton, 1884
Mina H. Murphy of South Side, Maine, 1885 (St. George area)
Mrs. R. E. Murphy of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1885
Fannie Orbeton, 1883
Eda F. Oxton, 1883
Rosina Person of Tenants Harbor Maine, 1884
Helen S. Rich of Rockland, Maine, 1883
Clara Simmons of Rockland, Maine, 1883
Walter C. Smalley of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1883
Mae C. Smith of Rockland, Maine
St. Clair, initials indistinct, of South Boston, 1884, gorgeous illustration, 
George J. Wiley of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1883, uncle by marriage (to Zaida S. (Long) Hart
Zadie Wiley, 1884, aunt, Zaida S. (Long) Wiley, married to George J. Wiley
Eliza Wiley
Omer C. Williams, 1883
T. L. Williams of Tenants Harbor, Maine, 1885
A. Woodside

Map of Tenants Harbor at Saint George, Maine: zoom out twice to get an idea of the beautiful location

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