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1909 Graduation Exercises of New Gloucester High School, New Gloucester, Maine

Program for 1909 Graduation Exercises at New Gloucester High School at New Gloucester, Maine.

Cong Church, Thursday June 10, 2:30 P.M.
Graduation Exercises
Class of 1909, New Gloucester High School
Music by New Gloucester High Orchestra, Prin. W. E. Sullivan, Leader

Harlan Everett Berry, 2nd Honor, Science and Mathematics
Leon Manfred Boynton
Isla Mae Chick, 2nd Honor, General Scholarship
Cecil Vivian Churchill
George Ronello Dolloff
Clara Olive Edwards
Edgar Kempton Eveleth, 2nd Honor, English and History
Arthur Mayhew Fogg, 1st Honor, English and History
Lydia Edna Hackett, 1st Honor, General Scholarship
Merton Frank Hawkes, 1st Honor, Science and Mathematics
Alice Mary Martin
Charles Talbot Rogers, 1st Honor in Languages
Clyde Harland Segars, 3rd Honor, General Scholarship
Everett William Snow
Lewis Pennell True
Clifton Russell Tufts
Warren Ward Tufts
Samuel Sewall Woodbury

Class Officers
Merton Frank Hawkes, President
Lydia Edna Hackett, Vice President
Isla Mae Chick, Secretary
Charles Talbot Rogers, Treasurer

"Virtute" Non Verbis"
Music - Intermezzo, Curly.....Powell
Invocation, by Rev. C. Wellington Rogers
Music - Entre Acte, Spring Dreams............King
Salutatory - The Right of Way, by Isla Mae Chick
Essay - A Parallel Between an Athenian of 400 B. C., and an American of the Nineteenth Century,  by Charles Talbot Rogers
Reading, Trick vs. Trick.................Wood
   by Alice Mary Martin
Music - The Red Mill Waltzes.........Herbert
History, by Samuel Sewall Woodbury

Oration - "C. Q. D.", by Cecil Vivian Churchill
Prophecy - A Hunting Trip in 1929, by Arthur Mayhew Fogg
Music - The Glittering Glow Worm, Medley of Popular Successes.....arranged by LaFarge
Address to Undergraduates, by Harlan Everett Berry
Presentation of Gifts, by Merton Frank Hawkes
Valedictory - Virtute Non Verbis, by Lydia Edna Hackett
Music - The Great Divide........................Maurice
Conferring of Diplomas, by Supt. J. W. Lambert
Singing of Class Ode

Class Ode
Words by Isla Mae Chick                Arr: Juanita

Oft, oft, dear class-mates, in our sky of fair hopes ray
Oft's been a shadow, this our parting day.
Sadly now we leave you, dear old school we love so well
And with backward glances, say our sad farewell.

Chorus: - 
Sadly, O Sadly,
Do we say farewell to-day;
Gladly, O gladly
Would we longer stay.

Far in the future would we look without a fear
Keeping our motto ever bright and clear.
Let our voyage be joyful till the day of life has passed.
Then in heaven anchor as our port at last.

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