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1917 Graduation Program of Kennebunk High School at Kennebunk, Maine

Graduation Program for the Class of 1917 of Kennebunk High School at Kennebunk, Maine.

Graduation Exercises of the Class of 1917
Kennebunk High School
Thursday Evening
June 14, 1917, at 8 p.m., 
Mousam Opera House
Kennebunk, Maine

Class Motto - Labor Omnia Vincit
Class Colors - Blue and Gold

Music, Orchestra
Salutatory, with Essay, "Applied Mathematics", George Benjamin Jellison
Essay, "Uses of Electricity", Donald Franklin Grant
Essay, "The Government Forest Work", Leon Perle Davis
Class History, Maeora Belle Welch
Essay, "Modern Education", Emma Louise Allen
Essay, "Athletics", John Davis
Essay, "Woman in Business", Edith Elizabeth Anderson
Essay, "Resources of Maine", Raymond Cousens Whicher

Prophecy, Henry Willis Day
Essay, "Child Labor", Elizabeth Hinckley
Essay, "National Forest Reservation", Sherman Huff
Presentation of Gifts, Joseph Dane
Valedictory, with Essay, "The Violin and its Master", Ethel Lillian Furvoll
Music, Orchestra
Awarding of School Honors
Presentation of Diplomas
Class Ode, Mary Elizabeth Cole
Reception to the Class

Class Ode

Dear High School, the summons have come to depart,
But we wait by the shore of the sea,
And we turn to look back o'er the past four years,
That have bound us more closely to thee.

You have taught us our lessons of patience and truth,
Thru' the future unforseen.
We'll be loyal and true to our dear old high school

Tho' our destinies be over dangerous seas,
And the struggle may be long,
May we brave the strife undismayed, as we know,
That thy memory will lead us on.

We, the last of thy children, here resolve,
No matter what comes between,
We'll be loyal and true to our dear old high school,


College Preparatory
Mary Elizabeth Cole
Ethel Lillian Furvoll
Elizabeth Hinckley
Joseph Dane, Jr.
Raymond Cousens Whicher

English Course
Emma Louise Allen
Edith Elizabeth Anderson
Maeora Bele Welch
Henry Willis Day
John Davis
Leon Perle Davis
Donald Franklin Grant
Sherman Huff
George Benjamin Jellison

I hope these graduates survived the War and the Spanish Flu.  I checked the Maine Military Men of 1917/1918 database and found several who served, but none who died.

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers. 

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