Monday, March 5, 2012

1939 Album of Cards of Graduates of Rising Sun High School, Maryland

Album, approximately 9" x 5-3/4", filled with cards of, I assume, graduates of the Class of 1939 at Rising Sun High School in Maryland.  I wonder if this Rising Sun High School is the same one.

Inside the front cover is a manufacturer's label and an invitation to the graduation exercises to be held on June 15, 1939.

There's also an invitation pasted on the first page.

There's one blank page.  The rest of the leaves contain, on one side, four cards, except for the last page, which contains two.  There are two duplicate cards.

Miss Virginia Matilda Richards
Mildred Lauretta Reynolds
Thelma Luvena Stuart
Ruby Isabell Sprinkle

Miss Mary E. Hagan
Ruth E. Ritchie
Mary Harriet Robinson
Mildred Ruth Wallen

Virginia Dorsey
Dorothy Louise Graybeal
Anna May Fristoe
Hazel Virginia Finnefrock

Violet Louise Comer
Mary Anne Cather
Mr. Russell E. M. Johnson
Leonard W. Conrad

Frances Marie Kyle
Ruth Geraldine Reed
Mr. Dean H. Harrington
Paul Freeman Rawlings

Ruth Louise Baugher
Marguerite Frances Morrison
John W. Boyd
Walter J. Schneemeyer

Miss Texas Olene Rhodes
Julia Ann Carr
Lawrence Dean Wiggins
Howard B. McVey

Miss Josephine Ragan
Marguerite Frances Morrison
Hale Eugene Harrington
Dorothy Elizabeth Drew

Hazel M. Ewing
M. Marie Devonshire
Francis M. Liggett, Jr.
Donald S. Elville

Elizabeth M. McCardell
Ann V. Dinsmore
Miss Mary Ruth Chapman
William K. Keiholtz

Albert F. Sherman
Olene Rhodes
Kenneth C. Carter
Albert F. Sherman

Miss Marie Ann Kozub, Abingdon, Maryland
Myrtle L. May
Helen M. Logan
Erna J. Rhodes

Miss Lorraine J. Martin
Mr. Dearld W. Martin

The business card above was clipped into the back of the album.  
Marcia, Your Hairdresser
14 South Third Street
Oxford, Penna.
Telephone 356
Marcia E. Kelly

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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  1. Erica Rawlings JohnsonDecember 7, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    It is the same school, different location. The old high school located in the actual town of Rising Sun is now the middle school. Paul Freeman Rawlings was my grandfather (he passed away in 2007). Thank you for sharing, I miss him everyday and this was a great way to see a piece of his past!