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1903 Memento of Lancey Street Intermediate School at Pittsfield, Maine

1903 Memento of Lancey Street Intermediate School at Pittsfield, Maine, September 2, 1902 - May 29, 1903

Presented by Susie E. Gould, Teacher

School Officers
O. H. Drake, Superintendent of Schools
Grace A. Rogers, Superintendent of Music

Edna B. Martin
Inez F. Chapman
Millard S. Wiswell
Harry E. Ward
Earle R Salley
Johnson W. Parks
Lynn W. Greene
Vida E. Prilay
Gwendolen Griffin
Una M. Cornforth
Elsie L. Hutton
Bessie A. Buzzell
Wilmont J. Pease
Owen C. Gould
Carroll M. Clay
Lizzie E. Morse
Edith M. Morris
Natalie A. Taylor
Earl H. Huff
Frank J. Morse
Louis Webber
Essie Morrill
Cora Ames
Angie C. Vergani
Martha C. Morecroft
Willie H. Gilman
Frank A. Haseltine
Jerome P. Gould
Robbie G. Hutton
Agnes A. Parks
Eleanor I. Davis
Marion L. Damon
Anna M. Dodd
Minnie Priest
Raymond Libby
Walter T. Haseltine
Ray P. Merrow
Minnie M. Buzzell
Hazel B. Libby
Esther L. Drew
Lillian E. Webber
Errold Burton
Philip J. Vergani
Vernal Bean
Nellie Ames
Verna Pennell

Printed by A. Owen Pub. Co., Dansville, New York

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