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1870s/1880s Autograph Album & other items of Ladella Calista Kimball of Northfield, Vermont

Autograph album of Ladella Calista Kimball, "Della", of Northfield, Vermont.  The album was given to her by Effie.

[See another autograph album that consists of the sentiments of nearly 50 of Della's students collected when she was teaching at Barre, Vermont, in 1892.]

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Della was born 24 June 1868 in Brookfield, Vermont, the daughter of Francis Sargent Kimball and wife Calista (Edson) Kimball.  

Francis Sargent Kimball was born in Grafton, New Hampshire.  According to information about her mother on Della's death record, Calista (Edson) Kimball was born in East Roxbury, Vermont.  

In 1895, Della married Edward Daniels Worthen.  According to his death certificate, Edward was born in 1862 at Springfield, Vermont, son of Rev. Forrest Worthen and Achsa Ann (Ayer) Worthen.

Edward and Della raised a family of at least two children at Burlington, Vermont.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the Kimball and Worthen families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The album was found with:
  • CDV of Della as a girl
  • Della's 1886 diary
  • Della's Penmanship album, which doesn't contain much penmanship but rather a series of illustrations pasted on the pages labeled "Bed Room", "Kitchen", "Sitting Room", "Work Room", "Dining Room", "Nursery", "Street"
  • 1883 Northfield High School graduation program of Prize Speaking and Graduating Exercises, where Della, an underclasswoman, had a speaking part entitled the "Painter of Seville"
  • Della's 1886 report card
  • Della's 1886 diploma.

The album is approximately 4" x 3" and contains 65 pages signed by relatives and friends, and a page signed by Della signed herself, below:

and 65 autographs of relatives and friends.

Six people named Kimball, in addition to Della, signed pages in the album.

Abbie S. Kimball:

Nellie L. Kimball of Northfield, Vermont:

Cousin Frank P. Kimball of St. Albans, Vermont, signed 21 June 1879:

Cousin Carrie E. Kimball of St. Albans, Vermont, signed 21 June 1879:

Sister Marion Irene Kimball, who signed as Mamie I. Kimball of Northfield, Vermont, signed on 19 May 1879:

Della's sister Sarah Hannah Kimball signed a page after her marriage to James Henry Hazelton; she signed as Sarah H. H. of Northfield, Vermont, on 20 February 1880:

Della's brother Charles Sumner Kimball signed a page as Sumner Kimball of Northfield, Vermont on 24 March 1879:

Della's cousin, Emma Morrell of Concord, New Hampshire, signed a page in 1879:

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order.  Please note that those who mentioned a town might have been referring to where they signed rather than their residence.

Lucy A. Averill of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Angie E. Badger of Northfield, Vermont
Carrie S. Beane of Northfield, Vermoht
Clara Bemis of Northfield, Vemont
Charles E. Blood of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
May Bond of Northfield, Vermont
Mabel A. Brown of Northfield, Vermont
Abbie Carpenter of Northfield, Vermont
Cora Claflin of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Charles Collins of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Lizzie Conway of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Nellie M. Cox of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Wardon A. Curtis of Northfield, Vermont
Addison O. Denny of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Someone who signed only as "Dick"
Mamie Dooley of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Mamie Ely
George J. Fox of North Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mrs. Lizzie R. Fox of North Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1879
Bertha R. Fox of North Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1879
Effie Holland Fox of North Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1879
Frank Gillen of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Susie H. Greene of Northfield, Vermont, 1881
Inez H. Greene of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Mamie Hassett of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Effie H. of Southwick, 1879
Frances Hassett of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Katie Hassett of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Ray Hazelton
Sarah Hannah Hazelton, married name of Ladella's sister Sarah Hannah Kimball, 1880
Louisa Houghton of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Flora M. Huntley of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Jessie A. Jones of Northfield, Vermont
Hattie Joslin of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Minnie Joslyn of Franklin Falls, New Hampshire, 1879
Della Kimball
Abbie L. Kimball or Abbie S. Kimball
Nellie L. Kimball of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Frank P. Kimball, cousin, of St. Albans, Vermont
Carrie E. Kimball, cousin, of St. Albans, Vermont, 1879
Mamie I. Kimball, sister, Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Sumner of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Anna C. Langdon of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Hattie A. Loveland of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Mary A. McClain of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Alice S. McClearn of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Helen A. McClearn of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Maggie Meade of Boston, Massachusetts, 1884
Josie Moriarty of Northfield, Vermont
Emma Morrill, cousin, of Concord, New Hampshire, 1879
Josie A. Page of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Katie Paine of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
Jennie M. Persons, 1879
Carrie M. Persons, teacher, 1879
Ruth M. Porter of Northfield, Vermont
Gertie C. Pratt of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
W. W. Prescott, 1879
Susie C. Richardson of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Kate D. Richardson of Northfield, Vermont, 1880
W. H. Rupp of Somerville, Massachusetts, 1879
H. H. Shaw of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Clara Silsby of Northfield, Vermont
Gertie C. Smith of Northfield, Vermont, 1879
Josie E. Truax of Bradford, Vermont, 1881
Inez M. Wardner
Libbie Whitmarsh of Northfield, Vermont, 1880

A map of Northfield, Vermont:

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